All-Over Arm Toner – Resistance Band Workout

Resistance Band Arm Workout

Happy HUMP DAY to you!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ And, Happy October!

Today’s BRAND NEW  #Lean4Halloween workout is an All-Over Arm Toner workout just for you!

(See how we did that there…busting a rhyme!) Grab a resistance band and get ready to work every muscle in the arms and back! This one hits them all!

We love using resistance bands because you have to control each movement as you contract those muscles, and as you slowly release…in other words, there’s no cheating! ๐Ÿ˜›

Plus, as we’ve said before, resistance bands are inexpensive and perfect for traveling or taking outside to the park, like we did! Find an entire resistance band set  HERE.

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All-Over Arm Toner Resistance Band Workout
All-Over Arm Toner – Resistance Band Workout

Grab a resistance band and find a tree or pole to wrap it around. Complete this arm toning circuit 3 times through for long, lean arms!

  • Squat & Row – Wrap your band around the tree and stand facing it. Stand far enough away from the tree so that the band does not go slack when your arms are out straight. Sit your booty back into a nice deep squat. Press through your heels as you come back up and pull your elbows back to squeeze your shoulder blades together into a row position. Complete 15 repetitions.
  • Squat & Bicep Curls – Sit your booty all the way down and STAY THERE! Make sure to keep your chest lifted and shoulders back. With your palms up, curl your arm towards your forehead into a bicep curl. Only moving from your elbow to the handles, extend your arms back straight. Repeat 15 times staying down in that squat the whole time!
  • Tricep Extensions – Turn around, away from the tree, and bring your arms up so that your biceps are right by your ears. Keep your upper arms steady, and bend your elbows so that your hands are reaching behind your head. Use the back of your arms to straighten and pull your band up. Repeat, keeping your upper arm steady, 15 times.
  • Chest Press – Stay facing away from the tree, bring your arms out to the side, shoulder height and with a 90 degree bend in your elbows. Press your arms straight and squeeze your chest muscles together. Make sure you keep your core tight and don’t let your torso wiggle! Do 15 repetitions!
  • Shoulder Raise – Unwrap your band from the tree and place the center under one or both feet. Start with both arms down by your sides and plans facing in. Lift your arms straight out to the side (without tensing up your neck muscles!), and with control, lower them back down to your sides. Repeat for 15 repetitions.

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Resistance Band Arm Workout
Complete this workout 3 times through for an All-Over Arm Toner and make sure you check in with us @LiveFitGirl with the hashtag #Lean4Halloween so that we know you did it! Congrats babe, you made it halfway through Week 2!

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