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Happy Motivation Monday!

I hope you had an amazing weekend Fit Girls! It’s Monday and that means it’s a new week, and it’s time for a new workout!

I know a lot of you ladies love the Suns Out, Guns Out Workout from last summer — so I created a workout very similar that I am sure you will LOVE!

This amazing arms workout is perfect if you need a quick tank top toning session, or if you have some extra time you can repeat it 2-3 times for some serious upper body toning.

Each upper body muscle group has two different exercises targeting those muscles to really tone every inch! You will love how strong you feel after this workout!

My Equipment:
Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat (in Geo)
Stability Ball

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Amazing Arms Workout

Amazing Arms in 10 Minutes

  • Chest Flys – Lay on a stability ball (or a bench or chair) so that your shoulders and head are supported on the ball, and your hips are off the ball. Lift your hips, and squeeze your booty to keep a straight line from your head to your knees. Bring your arms up towards the sky with your palms facing in, and your elbows slightly bent. Open the arms out to the side, and then use the chest to pull the arms back up directly over the chest.
  • Chest Press – Stay on the ball with your booty lifted, and rotate your palms to face your knees. Bend your elbows to 90 degrees, and then use your chest to press the arms straight up, and squeeze your chest at the top.
  • Skull Crushers – Stay in the same position on the ball and bring the palms to face in again, this time keep the upper arm steady, and bend the elbows to bring the weights down by your temples. Use the backs of your arms to straighten the arms back up, and squeeze your triceps at the top.
  • Tricep Kickback – Come up to standing with your feet hip distance apart. Hinge over at your hips keeping your back straight and abs tight. Lift the elbows up towards the ceiling, so that your upper arm is parallel to the floor. Use the triceps to lift the weight back behind you, straightening the arms, and then bend at the elbows to lower the weight back down. Repeat, keeping the upper arm steady.
  • Shoulder Press – Stand up straight with your feet hip-distance apart, and bring your weights up above your shoulders and in front of you, with your palms facing each other and your elbows bent at 90 degrees. Use your shoulders to open the arms out into a goal post position, then press the arms overhead. Bend at your elbows and reverse the motion to come back down to your starting position, and repeat.
  • Upright Row – Stand with your feet hip distance apart and your palms facing in towards you. Pull the weights up bringing your elbows to shoulder-height, and squeeze your shoulder blades together down your back. Make sure to relax the muscles in your neck, lower your arms and repeat.
  • Rear Flys – Hinge at your hips and keep your back nice and straight, and try to get your back almost parallel to the ground. Bend slightly at your elbows with your palms facing in, squeeze your shoulder blades together at the top to lift the arms out to the side. Slowly, and with control, lower your arms back down, making sure not to round your back.
  • Wide Row – Start in your bent over position, with your back straight, this time with your palms facing towards your thighs. Squeeze your shoulder blades together to lift the elbows and pull the weights up into a wide row, with a 90-degree bend in the elbows. Control as you lower the weights back down, and repeat.

Find your PRINTABLE download HERE!

Hope you have an amazing start to a new week ladies! Let’s get this week started on the right foot to success!


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