The BEST Back Exercises with Bands – 20 Minute Workout

Get the best back exercises using resistance bands! With this 20 minute workout video, you’ll work your back muscles in just a few band exercises.

The best back exercises with bands. This resistance band workout will target every muscle in your back with just 5 exercises.

Resistance bands are one of my absolute favorite pieces of equipment — especially for at-home workouts — because you can find them anywhere, they are light weight, and are extremely affordable.

Today I want to share with you the best resistance band exercises for targeting your back and a full length 20 minute workout using resistance bands.

These exercises will strengthen all of your muscles in your posterior chain, including your upper back, lower back, and rear shoulder muscles. They will also help improve your posture and the stability of your shoulders.

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The Best Resistance Band Set:

I highly recommend this set that comes with different resistance tubes that can suit all different strength needs.

I have tried many different brands and this brand is great because it has an anti-snap inner core. And believe me, I have been on the receiving end of an old, band that snapped mid workout, and it is not fun,

I’ve had this set for about two years and they are still in great condition.

Can you build your back with resistance bands?

Yes! Resistance bands are great to have in your home gym tool kit because you can get an amazing workout, with just a single piece of equipment.

You can build strength and improve your posture with resistance bands all without the gym.

What Are The Benefits Of Working Out With Resistance Bands?

They Are Suitable For People Of Any Fitness Level

Because there are so many different levels of resistance bands are a great option for any fitness level. 

You can even buy sets that have many different levels of tension. This great whether you are new to exercise or have been working out for a while and are building strength.

They Are Easy To Store

Most sets of resistance bands are compact and take barely any room. Many times they come in a carrying bag as well. 

You can easily throw the entire bag into a backpack to take into the gym or outside for a workout, or you can easily store them in a closet in your home gym.

Bands Can Be Used As Stabilization Tools

Using resistance bands challenges your stability in ways that free weights can’t. 

Because you are working against tension, your muscles are engaged both for the concentric part of the movement (shortening of your muscle, or the contraction of the muscle) and for the eccentric part of the motion (the lengthening of the muscle back to the starting point).

When working with dumbbells or barbells your muscles are engaged only when you are concentrically contracting your muscles, and gravity is working through the eccentric motion.

This means that your muscles are working twice as hard to keep control of the the resistance band through the entire range of motion.  

Bands Are Good For Rehabilitation Training

No only are bands great for strength training, but they are also great for mobility training and flexibility training. 

Because of the stability training aspect and the different levels of tension, resistance bands are used for rehab and physical therapy a lot, which means they are a great tool for everyone to use.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Resistance Bands

Not Having Constant Tension

The most common mistake is not having enough tension on the band. 

When working with resistance bands of any kind (including resistance loops) it’s important to make sure you have constant tension through out the entire range of motion and through every repetition. 

This is what will create the increased muscle engagement when using resistance bands.

The Band Is Too Tight or Too Light

Another common mistake is using the wrong level of resistance. 

If the band is too tight it won’t allow you to move through a full range of motion. You may feel like it “snaps” you back to your starting point to quickly or that you don’t have control through the repetition.

If the band is too light for you, you won’t be getting the best workout that your could get. 

In order to find the right tension, you should be able to do all repetitions with proper form, but the last three repetitions should be challenging but do-able. 

If you feel like you can do 5 more repetitions in the set, you need to increase the resistance. 

If you feel like you can’t get every repetition with proper form you need to decrease the resistance.

15 Minute Back Workout with Resistance Bands

5 of the BEST Back Exercises with Resistance Bands

These back exercises with target and strengthen you upper back, mid back, and lower back. 

This workout can be performed in a circuit working from one exercise to the next. Then repeat 3 times for a full length 15 minute workout. 

You can do this workout on your own at your own pace or you can follow along with the video where I will coach you through each exercise.

Warm Up

Full Plank

Come down onto your mat on hands and knees. Place your palms directly under your shoulders and step your feet out behind you to come into a full plank position on your hands. Engage your core, and lengthen through your spine. Hold for 30 seconds.

Plank to Downward Dog

Staying in your plank position to begin. Then start to shift your weight back into your heels as you use your core to lift your hips into the air and press your shoulders back towards your feet. Use your shoulders to draw yourself back to you plank position, and repeat for 10 repetitions.

Standing Band Pulls

Muscles targeted: posterior deltoids (rear shoulders), rhomboids

How to do Standing Band Pulls:

  1. Start standing with your feet hip-width apart and your core engaged. Hold on to your resistance band, and hoist up on the tubing, so that your hands are shoulder width apart. Bring the band up to shoulder height, with your palms facing down. 
  2. Focus on using your back muscles and squeeze your shoulder blades together to pull the band all the way open, with your arms out to the side. 
  3. Slowly bring the band back shoulder-width apart, and repeat. Complete 15 repetitions.

Single Arm Lat Pulldowns

Muscles targeted: latissimus dorsi (lats)

How to do Single Arm Lay Pulldowns with a Band:

  1. Stand with the feet shoulder-width apart, still holing onto the tubing, bring the arms over head. 
  2. Hold the LEFT arm steady with a slight bend to ensure your elbow is not locked out. Pull the RIGHT arm down, using the back muscles and pulling your shoulder blade down, slowly and with control, return to the starting position. 
  3. Repeat 15 times using only the RIGHT arm, and then repeat using the LEFT arm. Complete 15 repetitions on each arm.

Bent Over Fly

Muscles targeted: posterior deltoids, rhomboids

How to do Resistance Band Bent Over Flys:

Stand with your feet hip distance apart, and place the band

  • Hold onto the handles on either end of the band, and step you RIGHT foot back and position the feet in a lunge stance with the LEFT foot forward. 
  • Place the band under the arch of your front LEFT foot, and hinge at your hips, bringing your torso towards the floor.

Bent Over Row (Bent Over Row)

Muscles targeted: latissimus dorsi, posterior deltoids, trapezius (traps), biceps

How to do Bent Over Rows with a Resistance Band:

  1. Hold onto the handles on either end of the band, and step you RIGHT foot back and position the feet in a lunge stance with the LEFT foot forward. 
  2. Place the band under the arch of your front LEFT foot, and hinge at your hips, bringing your torso towards the floor.
  3. Hoist up onto the tubbing of the band, and then pull the elbows up to the sky. Focus on squeezing your shoulders together as you row your arms up. Repeat for 15 repetitions.

Back Extension Y Pulls

Muscles targeted: lower back

How to do Resistance Band Back Extension Y Pulls:

  1. Come down onto your mat to lay on your stomach, stretching your arms in front, and holding onto the tubing, shoulder width apart. 
  2. Engage your upper back and booty to lift your arms and legs a few inches off the ground and pull open the band, drawing the shoulder blades together. Make sure to relax the shoulders and keep them away from your ears.
  3. Complete 15 repetitions.



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