8 Reasons Pilates Can Change Your Life

Learn the benefits of Pilates and how Pilates can improve your workouts, posture, and your life. Plus, enjoy a FREE Pilates workout video you can do at home!

Pilates has always and will always be one of my absolute favorite types of exercise, and something that I will always recommend to anyone trying to feel better, tone their abs, or wants to improve their workouts.

In case you’re new around here, I have been teaching Pilates for over 13 years, and frequently share Pilates workouts here on the blog, and on my YouTube channel.

But today I want to to really dive in on why Pilates is so amazing to add into your workout routine and why EVERYONE should be including Pilates in their weekly workout routines.

I also want to share an exclusive Pilates workout with you that will target everything in just 15 minutes.

The Benefits of Pilates

Increase Core + Total Body Strength

Pilates workouts focus on movement coming from your center or your core (meaning your abs, back, and pelvis) Every exercise is meant to bring awareness to your core, and to use your core to initiate the movement. With so much emphasis on the core, there is no doubt it will build strength during your Pilates workouts. But not only will your core get stronger, you’ll build strength in you shoulder girdle, and your trunk (aka your hips, butt, and pelvis), not to mention every other muscle in the body.

Increased Flexibility

Along with strengthening your body you will also find length and flexibility in your entire body. Strengthening exercises are often followed by stretching exercises to hep develop length in the body and stretch your overworked muscles. Most people leave Pilates feeling taller and more relaxed then before their session. After about 10 session you’ll start feeling and seeing the difference in your body in your everyday life.

Decrease Back Pain 

Because you are strengthening the abdominals, back, and trunk (aka the booty, hips, and pelvis), while increasing flexibility at the same time. You will be correcting and alleviating a majority of the issues that cause low pain. A majority of low back pain is cause by tight hip flexors and weak abs and glutes (most commonly cause from sitting too much!) Pilates works to correct these issues, and helps to relieve back pain cause by these issues.

Low Impact

 A good portion of Pilates exercises are done either lying down or sitting…perfect for you lazy girl exercisers 😉 In addition, most pilates exercises are completely no-impact or very low impact. There are even cardio Pilates classes that have almost no impact! Pilates was developed as a rehabilitative exercise, so often times you’ll see Physical Therapy offices using Pilates equipment in rehab, and Pilates is especially beneficial to older populations and those recovering from injuries.

Improve balance

Even though I just said many exercises are done lying or seated you will still see your fair share of standing exercises. These exercises work to improve your core control and balance. They will strengthen the muscles in your feet, ankles, and joints. Many exercises will also work the stabilizing muscles in your body  — those are the tiny small muscles that we often forget about in our other workouts (think muscles that support the hips and shoulders).

Improve Sports Performance

Pilates workouts are designed as a total body exercise and meant to improve muscles imbalances — meaning that every single muscles is worked evenly. No muscles is underworked, or over trained. This is great for athletes that do a lot of repetitive movements — think runners, cyclists, tennis players, literally EVERY sport out there. Pilates works to engage under-used muscles, while learning to relax and stretch overused and tight muscles, giving you a more evenly trained body. This will help to improve your performance and decrease risk of injury.

Prevent Injuries

Finally like I just mentioned, Pilates will strengthen under-used muscles, and stretch over-used muscles, which helps to prevent injuries from overtraining, or lack of flexibility or mobility. Pilates also has a huge emphasis on foot health — meaning it helps to strengthen all the tiny little muscles in the feet and ankles as well. Which in turn can prevent falls that may lead to injuries.

It’s Challenging!

Last but not least, it’s HARD. The biggest comment I get after someone’s first session or class is “That was hard!” Just because it’s a low impact workout, that improves your balance and prevents injuries does NOT mean it’s easy. In fact many people find they get elevated heart rates during Pilates because of how challenging it is. Pilates can be adapted for beginners to even the most advanced athletes. It’s for everyone, no matter where you are in your fitness journey.

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