10 Squat Variations You HAVE to Try!

Try adding these 10 squat variations into your workout routine to strengthen and tone your booty! Each exercise will tone your backside from all angles.

I’ve gotten a lot of requests to share some different squat variations for out weekly Hump Day Schedule…so I thought I would finally share 10 of the best squat variations to help keep things interesting.

These are the BEST out there for toning up the booty and tightening the tush! You can pick you favorite for your weekly challenge, or you can mix and match to get that 360° booty lift.

And don’t worry — you’ll be getting the best lunge variations soon too!😘

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10 Different Squat Variations to tone your butt from all angles

The BEST Squat Variations

  • Squats – Bring your feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart with your knees and toes slightly turned out. Place your hands behind your head then squeeze your shoulders together to open the chest. Squat down, sitting  your booty back, and keep your weight in your heels and the chest open. Press up through your heels to come back to standing, then repeat.
  • Squat Pulses – Lower down into a nice low squat, then pulse up and down about 2-3 inches. Remember to stay low and keep your weight in your heels. These can be done in a regular position, a plié position, or in a chair squat position.
  • Plié Squats – Start with your feet about a foot wider than shoulder-width apart and your knees and toes turned out at least 45 degrees. Sit your hips straight down as if you were sliding your back down a wall. Keep your chest lifted and abs pulled in. Press through the heels to straighten the legs, then squeeze your booty at the top.
  • Heels Up – Bring your legs nice and wide, just like in a plié position and turn your toes out to the side. Lift the heels up nice and high and then lower down into a squat position keeping the heels up. Engage your hamstrings and booty, then press yourself back up to straighten the legs, and repeat! If you need to you can hold onto the back of a chair for balance.
  • Chair Squats – Bring your feet all the way together and parallel. Keep the weight in the heels then sit your booty way far back and think about squeezing the inner thighs together. You won’t be able to get super low in this squat, but really make sure the hips are sitting far back. Press through the heels, then squeeze those inner thighs to come back up.
  • Sissy Squats – Think of these as a chair squat with the heels lifted. It’s easiest to do these with your arms reaching out in front of you to help with balance, don’t go too far down or you’ll stress out the knees. And if you feel any strain or discomfort in the knees avoid this exercise — it can be tough! If you need to modify, grab the back of a chair for balance.
  • Figure 4 Squats – Start standing and slightly shift your weight into your RIGHT leg. Raise your LEFT leg and cross your ankle over your RIGHT thigh, making a “figure 4”. Carefully bend your RIGHT knee and lower into a single leg squat, keeping your hips back and weight in your heels. You should feel a stretch in your LEFT hip and work to keep the knee open and out to the side. If you need a little help with staying balanced, you can lightly hold on to the back of a chair for support. Make sure to do the same amount of repetitions on both sides! 😉
  • Jump Squats – Start with your feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart, and your knees and toes slightly turned out to the side. Lower that booty down into a squat, keeping your weight in your heels. Use the hamstrings and booty to drive through your heels and jump straight up. Land softly, rolling from the toes down to the heels, then sink down into your squat to repeat.
  • Frog Jumps – Start with your feet about a foot wider than shoulder-width apart and your knees and toes turned out at least 45 degrees. Sit your hips straight down and lower into a plié squat. Keep your weight in your heels, then power up to jump straight into the air. Jump as high as you can and land softly in a plié squat to repeat.
  • Squat Jacks (Not Shown – I forgot to take a picture…OOPS!) – Start with your feet hip distance apart and sit your booty back into a deep squat position. Keep those hips back as you jump up and land your feet together in a chair squat. Jump back up, and land with your feet hip distance apart. Continue jumping feet together and apart — just like jumping jacks.

What’s your favorite squat variation?? Let me know in the comments below!


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