Booty Band HIIT Workout

A Full Body Booty Band HIIT Workout to blast calories and tone your entire body! All you need for this workout is a set of resistance loops.

It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally HERE!! Today is officially Day 1 of the #BeautifulBeachBum Challenge!

I am the MOST excited I have ever been for a Live Fit Girls Challenge because we are going to be doing some of my absolute FAVORITE workouts over the next 8 weeks! 

Not to mention the Booty Band SWEAT Guide is FINALLY available — It was finally finished late last night! (Keep an eye out later today for a full blog post with a little more info about the workouts!)

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The Booty Band Program

  • 8 Weeks of Full Body Workouts that will tone every inch of your body — with a HUGE emphasis on lifting + sculpting your booty!
  • Strength Workouts to tone + tighten
  • Fat Burning HIIT Workouts to boost your metabolism!

I wanted the very first workout of this challenge to be… well…challenging! AND I really wanted to make it about not only the booty, but the entire body! I choose a few of my favorite exercises from the Booty Band SWEAT Guide then put them in a little mashup workout…and it ended up turning into a HIIT style workout. 😉

Who doesn’t love a good HIIT workout? And this workout is perfect to tone every inch of your #BeautifulBeachBum Body! 😉

Make sure when you finish the workout today to check in with the community or on Instagram.

Also be sure to check the weekly schedule to make sure you get in all of today’s workout — today is cardio, this HIIT workout, and a plank test!

My Equipment:
Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat (in Geo)
Resistance Loops

Glyder Apparel (use the promo code “livefitgirl” for 25% off!)

Find your PRINTABLE download HERE!

A Full Body Booty Band HIIT Workout to blast calories and tone your entire body!

Booty Band HIIT Workout

  • Booty Band Burpees – Start standing with the loop around the ankles, and your feet hip distance apart or slightly wider. Lower down into a deep squat then bring the hands all the way down to the floor by the feet. Then keeping the resistance band tight, jump the feet back into a plank position, with the shoulders directly over the hands and the abs tight. Jump the feet back into your low squat position and then jump into the air reaching the hands overhead. (To modify, stand back up instead of jumping.) Complete 10 repetitions.
  • Side Lunges – Place the band around your thighs just above your knees and stand with your feet hip distance apart. Engage your abs and slightly shift your weight into your LEFT leg. Use the RIGHT outer thigh to step the RIGHT foot out to the side, slightly turning the knees and toes out slightly. Keep the weight in the RIGHT heel and then use the hamstrings and booty to press up through the heel and bring the foot back into hip distance apart. Complete 15 repetitions, then do 10 more burpees before going to the other side!
  • REPEAT 10 Burpees + Side Lunges with the LEFT leg!
  • Mountain Climbers – Start in a plank position with the band stretched around the arches on your feet and your shoelaces. Keep your abs tight, and your pelvis slightly tucked, then pull one knee in towards your chest, using your low abs. Then quickly switch feet as if you were “running” your feet. Be sure to keep tension on the band then continue for 30 seconds.
  • Pull Downs – Stand tall with your abs pulled in, and you feet hip distance apart. Place the bands around your wrists, then bring your arms overhead shoulder width apart, and your palms facing forward. Pull the elbows down by your waistline, widening the band and pulling it behind your head. Be sure you engage your shoulder blades and pull them down your back focusing on using those back muscles. Complete 15 repetitions.
  • Criss Cross – Lay on your back with the band around the arch of your feet and over your shoelaces. Place the hands behind your head then lift into an ab curl twisting to the RIGHT. Keep the RIGHT knee in towards the chest in tabletop, then press the LEFT leg out to 45 degrees. Use the obliques to twist the torso to the LEFT, as you use the lower abs to pull the LEFT knee into tabletop and press the RIGHT leg out. Remember to always twist toward the knee that’s in towards the chest. Repeat 10 times on each side for a total of 20 repetitions.

Find your PRINTABLE download HERE!

So who’s ready to get this party started?! ♥︎



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