BOSU Booty Workout

It’s the second week of the #BOSUStrong Challenge and this week’s new workout is one to lift your backside, and shape your derrière.

This new routine works all those big and small muscles in your booty, sculpting all angles for a backside you can be proud of.

You’ll love this quick and efficient workout and you will LOVE the burn

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Bosu Booty Workout

BOSU Booty Workout

Sculpt that booty and look fine from behind with this BOSU Booty Workout! Don’t have a BOSU? Every move can be done without a BOSU too!

  • BOSU Squat – Start with your RIGHT foot in the center of the BOSU and your LEFT foot flat on the floor, with your legs a little wider than shoulder width apart. Lower into a squat, sitting your hips back and keeping your weight in your heels. Squeeze your booty as you come back up to standing. Complete 15 repetitions and then switch sides.
  • BOSU Rear Lunge – Come into a lunge stance with your LEFT toes behind you in the center of the BOSU. Most of the weight should be in your front RIGHT heel. Lower into a low lunge, making sure the front knee doesn’t go over the toes. Use your hamstrings and booty to come back up to standing and repeat 15 times before switching sides.
  • BOSU Side Lunge – Place your RIGHT foot in the center of the BOSU and your LEFT foot on the floor wider than shoulder width apart. Bend your RIGHT knee to come in towards the BOSU into a side lunges. Then press through the RIGHT heel to stand back up. Repeat for 15 repetitions and then switch side.
  • BOSU Bridge – Lay on a mat with both feet in the center BOSU and your hips close to the side of the BOSU. Press into the heels to lift the hips up into a bridge position, squeezing your booty at the top. Make sure to engage your inner thighs as well so that your knees don’t open out to the side too much. Lower back down and repeat for 15 repetitions. Once you finish all the reps, hold at the top and pulse for 10 reps!
  • Single Leg Bridge – Stay in your bridge position, but lift your RIGHT leg straight up to the sky. Press into the LEFT heel and lift your hips into a single leg bridge. Make sure to squeeze the booty at the top and then lower down. Complete 15 repetitions and then switch sides.
  • Booty Lifts – Come onto all fours on top of your BOSU (for more stability, lower your hands to the floor), and extend your RIGHT leg straight back behind you. Engage your abs and lift your leg up, squeezing the booty at the top. Lower down and repeat 15 times. 
  • Hamstring Pulses – Once you complete your booty lifts with the RIGHT leg, go right into hamstring pulses. Bend the knee to 90 degrees, and lift and lower the knee about 3 inches, really squeezing that booty at the top. Complete 15 repetitions.
  • Hydrants – Once you complete the pulses, keep the knee bent at 90 degrees and line it up with your supporting side knee. Bring the RIGHT knee out to the side, focusing on the outer hips. Lift and lower 15 times. Repeat Booty Lifts, Hamstring Pulses, and Hydrants all on the LEFT leg.

Download your FREE printable version HERE!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by BOSU but all opinions expressed are my own. I truly appreciate all of the brands that support the Fit Approach (Sweat Pink) community.

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