All-Natural Make Up Brush Cleaner


It’s kind of weird for me to say this…but one of the compliments I get most is that I have such clear skin. It’s weir for me to say this because like most girls, I’m pretty modest, and admitting to you that I get compliments sort of makes me feel full of myself.

That being said, you ladies know that I really try to take care of my skin, and I honestly owe my clear skin to a healthy diet, all-natural beauty products, and frequently cleaning my make up brushes.

Yes you heard me right — I am OBSESSIVE about cleaning my make up brushes.

Don’t get me wrong — I haven’t always cleaned my brushes. In fact, I didn’t start cleaning my make up brushes until about a year and half ago.

But since I started, I do it at least once a week, and honestly my face has never been clearer. 

I wanted to share how I clean my make up brushed with you because it’s super important for beautiful and clear skin.

Beautiful skin = Confidence

And my goal is to help you babes feel confident 24/7!


Because I am also obsessed with eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning, I like to make a simple DIY make up brush cleaner with some of my favorite “clean” cleaning product.

The best part is that this cleanser will not only get all the bacteria and nasties out of your brush, but will also help to moisturize your brush bristles so that your brushes can last forever. LOL

Like I said, it’s SIMPLE.

All you need is some castile soap, witch hazel — aka the holy water of beauty (will do a post soon!) — and some almond oil.

The castile soap and witch hazel deep clean your brush to remove old make up, bacteria, and dead skin and oils that have made their way deep into your brush. The almond oil helps to re-moisturize and condition the bristles to leave them soft for your beautiful face.



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DIY Natural Make Up Brush Cleaner

  • Yield: 1 1x




  1. Mix all the ingredients in the glass bottle or mason jar, and shake to combine.
  2. To clean your brushes – Shake the ingredients to fully mix, and 1/2 cup of the cleaner into a small bowl or jar. Place the tip of the brushes in the solution and swirl around in the jar, you can even gently massage the bristles over the sink to help remover dirt.
  3. Remove the brushes from the cleaner and rinse with clean water. Gently shape the brushes back into form, and allow them to dry flat (do not dry the brushes with the bristles in the air – it can damage the bristle’s glue).


Do you frequently clean your brushes?? 




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