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Boost your metabolism, build confidence and get in the best shape of your life with your trainer. Sculpt + strengthen your muscles, lose inches and fat, or just feel AMAZING. You’ll see incredible results, while having fun!

weekly schedules

It’s like a Personal Trainer in your Pocket

We want to make things as simple as possible for you, so each month you’ll get a new 30-day workout plan.

Your trainer selects a different workout video each day to create a complete + balanced schedule that works every muscle over the course of a week.

Achieve the results you want with weekly schedules programmed for you, and result-driven 15-40 minute guided workouts.


or…Train Your Way

We also recognize that you may want flexibility + variety when working towards your health and fitness goals.

We understand that your goals are personal and always evolving so we put the choice in your hands! Choose from an ever growing library of on-demand workouts based on YOUR goals.

Select your workout based on what body part you want to focus on, what equipment you have on hand, or the style of training you’re feeling that day!


Recipes to help you glow from the inside out

You know that working out in important, but including proper nutrition will skyrocket your results.

Instantly gain access to exclusive healthy recipe guides that will boost your metabolism and nourish your beautiful body.

Each recipe contains tons of macro and micro nutrients your body craves to not only look better, but feel better.

Enjoy stronger and healthier hair, skin, and nails while feeling strong and energized.

plan ahead

Track your workouts and plan your week

Make the app work for YOU!

Use the in-app calendar to schedule your workouts each week and keep yourself accountable.

You’ll get notifications and reminders to stay on track and even have access to an in-app journal each day to log your success.

Use your journal entries to log in your food, measurements, or even your mood!

new releases

New workout classes every week

Never be bored with your workout again!

Each week your trainer will release a new workout for you. Workouts will always range in length, style, and intensity.

Enjoy workouts from kettlebells to Pilates and everything in between. Try a barre inspired workout, or bump it up with a high intensity cardio workout to reach your goals even faster.

Don’t worry, there’s something for everyone! You’ll even find foam rolling and stretch classes to help you release and relax.

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120+ on-demand workout videos for every fitness level
New classes released weekly
Specialized Programs for your goals
Hundreds of healthy recipes to help you see results

Yearly Membership

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  • 150+ Full Length Workouts
  • Hundreds of Recipes
  • Monthly Schedule OR on-Demand Classes

Monthly Membership


  • 150+ Full Length Workouts
  • Hundreds of Recipes
  • Monthly Schedule OR on-Demand Classes
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What others are saying…

Awesome Workouts!

Downloaded this app while traveling for work and absolutely love it so far! Tons of variety of workout styles and fitness levels with and without equipment. I love that there is everything from intense HIIT workouts to weight training and stretching. The booty band workout is killer and I can’t wait to try all the others available!

~ Katie

Love the Pilates Workouts!

These are my favorite! I’ve done the 15 and the 45 minute pilates workouts so far. Great workouts when you need to travel…no equipment needed. I added the 15 minute pilates workout after my treadmill runs, this gets me a full body workout. I also love the 10 minute full body stretch…I’m not good at stretching after a workout, and this video keeps my attention and gets the job done. Great variety of workouts!

~ Debbie

Great Variety of Workouts

There is so much variety to choose from. Personally I really like high intensity workouts so I love that they include that, but I also really like that you can choose a workout based on the equipment you have. Love the slider workouts and mini band workouts!

~ Bella

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