The Ultimate Gift Guide for Fit Girls!

Am I the only one who has Christmas music on repeat right now? I mean seriously my Spotify is bursting with every single Christmas song ever made. EVER.

I’ve starting preparing my holiday cookies, writing out my Christmas cards, and you bet your booty I’ve started my Christmas shopping! 

I LOVE picking the most absolute perfect presents for my friends and loved ones. It’s probably my most favorite part of Christmas! I usually get so excited about the gifts I get for others that I frequently give them early…I know I need to stop that! LOL I just can’t help it!

But, if you’re a little less gung-ho when it comes to your shopping you may still be looking for the perfect gifts. So, I wanted to help you by putting a list together for any of the special girls in your life. Wether it’s you mom, sister, best friend, or co-worker, these are the very best fitness gifts for the girls in your life. There is something for everyone on this list!


The Ultimate Guide for Fit Girls

The Ultimate Fitness Gifts for Girls

Class Pass or a Gift Card to their Favorite Fitness Studio – Class Pass is a great way to give fitness all year long, or even just for one month, to your girlfriends or loved ones. What’s great about Class Pass is that you have UNLIMITED classes each month to tons of different studios in your local area. 

If you’re located somewhere that Class Pass is not, find out your special girl’s favorite fitness studio, and buy them a few classes or a month membership.

Motivational Jewelry – Sometimes everyone needs a little extra motivation to get through a tough workout. Get your girl Affitnity’s “Stronger than Yesterday” necklace with a mini barbell to help them push through, or try a motivational wrap from Momentum Jewelry. They will love having something to remind them that loved ones are rooting for them! (P.S. You can use the code “livefitgirl” at for 15% off your entire order!)

Affitnity Necklace
Foam Roller – This one is especially important for those of you who have die-hard running friends, but foam rollers are a necessity for EVERYONE. My favorite is the Grid from Triggerpoint…it’s seriously the BEST foam roller on the market (and trust me I have tried ALL of them), and nothing compares. Yes, it’s a bit more expensive, but it will last FOREVER and is worth the investment. You (or your loved ones) will never use those crappy ones again I promise!

Infusion Water Bottle – This is the gift that keeps on giving! Infusion water bottles are great for anyone who needs help staying hydrated. You can fill them with so many different  fruits or herbs to really give your water some pizzazz. I love this purple one! 😉

Yoga Mat – This is perfect for just about ANYONE. I did a review for this Yoga Design Lab Yoga Mat a few weeks ago, and i still love it! (See the review here.) They come on SO MANY designs and colors, you’re sure to find one perfect for that special person! I’m loving this new design they just released. See more of the designs HERE.

TRX Suspension Trainer – I still can’t believe it’s been two years and I still haven’t done a TRX workout on the blog yet?! It’s just crazy, because I seriously use mine at least once a week. I love it! Especially because I have the limited edition PINK one (which donates 10% to breast cancer)! Trust me…any fit girl would LOVE to have a pink TRX. I PROMISE next year I will put up a few TRX workouts for you! 😉

TIMEX Ironman ONE GPS+ watch – I also did a review of this Timex GPS watch a few months ago too. And I still love it!…however, I lent it to my mom for her half-marathon training in October…and have yet to get it back…hmmmmm…So as you can see it’s a great hit with runners! The highlights of this watch are obviously GPS, but it also have a messaging feature, emergency calling feature, and bluetooth music…so you can finally be phone and hands free for your runs! It has everything you need! 

Timex one
Resistance Band Set – Resistance bands are the PERFECT at-home equipment. They’re lightweight which also makes them great for those who travel frequently. I love this set that has 5 different resistance bands, handles, ankle straps, a door anchor, and a bag to carry everything in!

Slow-Cooker – If you get anyone a slow-cooker, I’m pretty sure you will be there new best friend…if you aren’t already. 😉 There’s nothing better than coming home to a delicious dinner after a long day. You could even give them a Healthy Slow-Cooker Cookbook to go with it!

Slowcooker Cookbook

New Sneakers or Running Shoes – What girl doesn’t like new shoes?! I almost always ask for new sneakers every Christmas. You can never have too many colors or styles! If you aren’t sure what size or style your special person is, you could also get them a gift card to their local Fleet Feet or running store!

BOSU Trainer – By now you’ve obviously realized that I have a weakness for anything pink, or pretty colorful workout gear…so last but certainly not least, a great fitness gift would be a BOSU trainer, and specifically a PINK BOSU trainer for the girls in your life. 

So I want to know…what are some of your favorite fitness gifts to give or get? Let me know in the comments below!


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