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You know I am a HUGE yoga lover — especially with my half marathon coming up at the end of October, I try to get at least 3 yoga sessions in per week. (P.s. a Half Marathon little series will be starting up soon! 😉 )

Yoga has helped to improve my posture, helps me destress and relax, and has helped to even out muscles imbalances I have. 

There are so many benefits from yoga, including:
♥︎ increased flexibility
♥︎ improved posture
♥︎ metal focus
♥︎ boost energy
♥︎ strengthen and tone muscles
♥︎ and helps respiration and circulation

Because of all these benefits, you know I love adding at least one day of yoga into our weekly schedule to help you stretch out all those muscles you work each week.

And since I know many of you ladies workout at home, I wanted to put together a list of some yoga essentials you want or need at home for you practice.

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♡ Home Yoga Essentials 

Yoga Mat – Seriously though, nothing compares to a good yoga mat. This is one area that you really do want to splurge. I’ve talked before about how much I like Yoga Design Lab’s combo mat. It’s the perfect for those of you who slip and slide around your mat. 

Yoga Blanket – Theres nothing better than putting a blanket over yourself after an amazing flow as you settle into your savasana. Blankets are also really great to sit on or pad areas than need a little extra lift or cushioning.

Yoga Bolster – Boasters are great for when you want to relax a little more during your yoga session instead of busting through an intense flow. They are a great prop to have when you do a relaxing nighttime flow or just need some extra padding in certain positions.

Yoga Strap – If you’re not the most flexible yogi out there, you’ll definitely want a yoga strap. Straps are super helpful to get deeper into poses and stretches without compromising form. 

Yoga Block – Just like a yoga strap, having a block nearby can help you get into some poses with better form — which is much better to stretch out tight muscles correctly, than throwing away your form to get deeper into a pose. 

Infuser Water Bottle – It goes without saying that I love infused water — and infused water when practicing yoga is just about the BEST thing ever. This water bottle is both a water bottle and a water infuser in ONE — so, much, YES!

Do you prefer practicing yoga at home or at a studio?


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