The Perfect Home Pedicure!

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There’s no secret about my love of at-home, natural beauty — so it’s been a long time coming that I would eventually share my home pedicure secrets with you!

I was at my local Vons the other day (for probably the 18th time that week! lol) picking up some groceries and recipe creation necessities, and when I was checking out I looked down at my toes and was mortified at how they looked. So I figured it was time for a little “me time” — so I grabbed a few favorite magazines (PEOPLE, InStyle, Sunset) — and planned a pedicure for that afternoon!

To be honest, I prefer doing my own pedicure because I am pretty particular about my toes. I feel like many of the newer nail technicians do pedicures, and it’s really hit or miss whether you get a good one or not — so I just do it myself! 

So, here are some things you’ll need for an at home pedicure, and a little how-to, so that you can enjoy some ”me time” soon, too! 

Oh! And don’t forget to grab a glass of bubbly for your at home pedicure! 😉


What You’ll Need:

Nail Polish Remover – Choose a nail polish remover that will benefit your nails — not damage them! I love Zoya Polish Remover because it not only takes off old polish, but also preps your nails and conditions them, making them stronger, unlike most traditional acetone polish removers.

Foot Bath – I looooove soaking my feet in a home foot spa — having the vibration and bubbles is KEY to creating that “spa like” feeling you get at the nail salon. If you don’t want to spend money on a foot spa, you can also just soak your feet in a large basin too.

Bath Salts – Soak your feet in some homemade bath salts. You can use these Lavender Bath Salts to create a relaxing soak for your toes, or try using peppermint or tea tree oil for a more invigorating soak. If you don’t want to make your own you could always buy a foot soak too!

MagazinesNothing is better than soaking your feet and catching up on your favorite magazines. I love checking out InStyle and PEOPLE magazine to see what’s trending both in the world of fashion, and to get ideas for blog posts. Another new favorite has been a local Los Angeles and Southern California magazine, Sunset Magazine, to see what going on in the local scene.

Nail Tool Set –  I recommend getting a really good set, because it will last you forever. I’ve had mine for 8 years and it’s still perfect — but if I were in the market for a new one I would buy this one because it’s seriously beautiful. If you don’t get a full tool set you’ll at least need: nail clippers, a nail file, push stick, and a cuticle trimmer.

Nail File – Even if there is a nail file in your manicure set, you’ll still want a separate nail file (at least that’s my preference!) I really like having two different files, a courser one to do the initial file, and then a fine one to smooth things out. Honestly, there’s nothing like those good ol’ fashion nail files. They are only about $1.50, and they work perfectly. But again, make sure you get a course one, and a fine one.

Foot Scrub – As I said, I make most of my beauty products at home — so, obviously, I make my own foot scrub. I like using a really course sugar scrub for feet — usually made with raw sugar and coconut oil. But really, any scrub will do. I almost always have my Vanilla Coconut Body Scrub on hand, so it’s a usual go-to, as well. You can also buy a good quality, all-natural scrub too.

Pumice Stone –  I like using a combination of a regular old pumice stone and an electric foot file to get the best results. (I really like the Amopé foot file, and then a natural lava pumice stone.)

Coconut Oil – You know how much I love coconut oil for numerous reasons, and it’s also PERFECT for massaging those tired and over worked feet! 😉

Polish – Make sure to get a nail polish without all the nasties in it — look for polishes that are “3-free”, meaning they are free of the “toxic trio,” aka: dibutyl phthalate (DBP), formaldehyde, and toluene — YUCK! Brands like Essie, OPI, and L’Oreal, and even Wet’n’Wild are all 3-free.


Perfect Pedicure How to:

1. Soak

Start by removing any old polish with a gentle and conditioning nail polish remover. Fill your soaking tub with warm water and epsom bath salts (or a foot soak), and soak your feet for 15-20 minutes. While your toes are soaking, enjoy your favorite magazine — catch up on current styles, the latest celebrity gossip, see what’s up in your local scene.

2. Clip & File

After a long soak, it’s time to get out your nail kit to clip and shape your nails. Clip each nail straight across, and then use a nail file to gently shape and smooth each nail, creating soft corners — but make sure your toe nails are TOO rounded.

3. Cuticles

Now’s the time to take care of those pesky cuticles. Use a cuticle pusher or orange stick to push back excess cuticle growth. Optionally, you can also trim any super excessive growth — but always be sure to stay away from any cuticle still connected to your nail bed, it helps to protect your nails from infection.

4. Scrub

Grab a pumice stone and a luxurious scrub, and gently scrub off dead skin. Make sure to focus on really rough areas like the back on your heels, the inside ball of your foot, and the outside of your big toe.

5. Massage & Moisturize

After a good scrub down, wash down your feet with some fresh water and then grab a dime-size amount of coconut oil and massage out those feet! They deserve a good rub down. Focus on the arches of the feet and gently stretching and lightly pulling on the toes. Even try working up the calves a bit and give those tired muscles some loving. (Your feet are you BASE — it’s importance to stretch and massage them, and even roll them out. They are literally the base of your health — I’ll do a whole post on it soon!)

6. Polish

Once you’re ready to finally polish those beautiful toes, wipe them down one more time with some polish remover to make sure they are clean and free of oils. This will help the polish to stay better. Apply two light coats of polish, followed by a shiny top coat. Finish reading your magazines while your polish dries, and voilá! Pedicure Perfection!


Do you have any pedicure tips? Let me know in the comments below!


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