Easy Cold Brew Iced Coffee

How to make the best Cold Brew Coffee


Many of you won’t know this, but I used to be a barista way back in my college days. Probably one of the greatest decisions of my college career, I must say. considering a large iced coffee would cost you $4.

Since most days of the week I usually stayed up until about 2 or 3 am, it was pretty normal for me to drink 3 large coffees a day, let’s just say I saved A LOT of money. Not the healthiest habits ever…but hey college is college, right?!

One thing that is not over though, is my love of coffee.

However, these days I have been able to get myself to a very reasonable 1-2 cups ‘o joe a day. A cup or two of coffee each day has been shown to help increase metabolic rate and gives you more energy for physical performance. There are many other benefits of coffee as well, including fighting depression and supplying essential nutrients. Just be sure you don’t indulge on too much of a good thing! πŸ˜‰

An easy cold brew coffee recipe you can make right at home. All your need is some fresh coffee and a french press!

But I will say that because of my former barista day…we are crazy coffee snobs in my house.

Nik prepares himself a single pour-over hot coffee every morning, and until recently I wouldn’t be caught dead drinking anything but a fancy-schmancy iced-something-or-other, from a local coffee shop that I usually know everyone at by name.

However, these days I would rather save a buck or to, and those fancy drinks add up.

If you haven’t noticed, we really enjoy cooking and making our own food. So, I have perfected my own cold brew method that I drink before my early morning training shifts!

An easy recipe for making cold brew iced coffee at home with a french press.

Now, the thing about iced coffee is that you can’t just brew a pot of coffee and pour it over ice. YUCK! It becomes bitter and many times will lose strength.

The secret to a perfect iced coffee is to COLD BREW it! 

Cold brewing is great for many reasons. If you have an issue with heartburn, cold brew naturally lowers the acidity of coffee, making it much more mild for your sensitive stomach. It also creates flavors that are much smoother than traditional coffee over ice. It takes a little longer to make, but we promise it’s well worth the wait!

It's easy to make cold brew at home with only a french press. It tastes amazing and will save you so much money!


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Easy Cold Brew Iced Coffee

  • Total Time: 720


  • 1/3 cup coffee
  • 1 1/2 cups cold filtered water
  • ice
  • sweetener of choice
  • milk of choice


  1. Coarsely grind coffee, or ask a local coffee shop to grind it.
  2. Mix coffee grinds and water in a French Press and stir until well blended.
  3. Cover the French press with the lid, but don’t press the plunger down.
  4. Place in fridge overnight or for 12 hours.
  5. Press plunger down and pour over ice. Add milk and sweetener to taste.
  6. Store unused coffee in a glass jar in the refrigerator.


  • If you don’t have a French press, you can steep the coffee in a glass pitcher and strain using a fine cheese cloth or coffee filter.


  • Serving Size: 1

How to make cold brew coffee concentrate to save time and money!

Personally, I don’t sweeten my cold brew, but I LOVE grass-fed organic cream in my coffee. But it’s also super tasty if you leave it black or pour in a bit of almond or coconut milk too!


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