How to Make Meal Prep Fun

Sometimes the whole meal prepping thing can seem daunting and overwhelming…especially when you’re a meal prep beginner.

I get it — the planning, the cooking, the cleaning. It’s all a lot to think about.

So I put together a few ideas for how to make the whole process a little more enjoyable.

How to Make Meal Prep Fun

Invite Friends Over to Meal prep with You

Everything is more fun when your girlfriends are involved, right?! Make it a date with your fit girl bestie, and get cooking together. Or make it a date night with your hubby or significant other — And don’t forget a glass of wine!

You can make double batches of each meal to speed up the process. Or try making a new recipe for each other to spice things up a bit.

You’ll be able to get some great quality time together with those you love AND prep each other for success. Support each other in the kitchen AND in the gym!

Listen to Podcasts or AudioBooks

When I’m prepping alone, I love killing two birds with one stone…podcasts are a great way to learn some new things or inspire creativity…and you can pay attention to them more when you are mindlessly chopping veggies.

Books on tape are another great option…I love reading, but sometimes it’s hard to fit in the time.

It’s a great way to multitask during your meal prep. Learn new things from self-help or entrepreneurial reads. Or have a laugh with a fictional tale. Either way listening to something you love will definitely make the time go by faster.

Or Listen to some Music + Dance in the Kitchen

If podcasts and books aren’t your thing, or you invited over friends to prep, music is always a great option.

When Nik and I are in the kitchen together we LOVE listening to music as we cook. We even dance around a little bit!

Whether you like listening to songs that pump you up, or you like some mellow music, turn up the tunes and get in the zone girl.

Try a New Recipe to Excite You

Nothing is more exciting than trying a new, tasty recipe. A few days before you meal prep, take some time to find an easy new recipe that you can add into your meal prep recipe rotations. Try a new marinade for meats, or make a new snack recipe that you know you will love.

Having a new recipe to look forward to can make the entire process a little more interesting.

Make sure you read the directions over a few times, then plan out your meal prep process with the new steps. Trust me, this will help keep your prep running smoothly.

Have the Right Tools + Meal Prep Equipment

Being prepared can make a HUGE difference in how enjoyable your whole prepping process is.

Before you even begin, make sure your kitchen is stocked with all of the essentials tools for meal prepping. Wash all of your dishes, and make sure your meal prep containers are ready to go. Make sure to clean your baking sheets, casserole dishes, and your blender.

I like doing all of this the day before to make meal prep day as simple as possible.

What’s your favorite way to make meal prep fun?



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