The BEST Meal Prep Tools to Make Your Life Easier!

Must-have meal prep tools, equipment, and kitchen essentials to make your weekly meal prep faster, easier, and more enjoyable.

As you know it’s been ALL MEAL PREP all the time over here. So today, I wanted to share with a few tools and pieces of equipment that are super helpful when it comes to having a successful meal prepLINK.

These meal prep tools are great for making big batches of recipes to have plenty of leftovers, or they are great for portioning out your meals to keep you on track, or just make the entire pre process a whole lot easier! Think of them as your “ride or die” must-have prep tools.

The Best Meal Prep Tools and Equipment to Make your Life Easier

Slow Cooker // Muffin Pan // Baking Sheets // Hand-Powered Chopper // Vitamix Blender // Silicone Baking Mats // Casserole Dish // Electric Griddle // Meal Prep Containers // Measuring Cups + Spoons 

Meal Prep Tools + Equipment

Slow Cooker – Basically the most ULTIMATE meal prep tool there is! The slow cooker is perfect for freezer-to-slow cooker meals, or for busy babes who want to have a delicious meal ready after a long day of work. I recommend getting a 6-quart one to make BIG batch recipes, and then freezing some of the leftovers.

Muffin Pan – These are great for more than just muffins…you can make egg cups for breakfast, or make little single-serve meatloaf patties… really the options are limitless!

Baking Sheets – I’m pretty sure this goes without saying, but think of all the possibilities with a few sheet pans — for one, sheet pan dinners — and also big salmon fillets, a whole big batch of chicken thighs, or even prepping a whole bunch of roasted veggies! YUM!

Hand-Powered Chopper – This is my newest meal prep obsession… this makes chopping onions and veggies SO much faster…and chopped salads are now a regular in my house after this awesome little piece of equipment!

Vitamix Blender – So it doesn’t necessarily have to be a Vitamix, but a high-powered blender will do wonderssss for you. You can make tasty sauces, super smooth smoothies, almond butter, and all sort of tasty goodies.

Silicone Baking Mats – Ok, so I used to be a HUGE aluminum foil fanatic… it just makes clean up so much easier…but since becoming a lot more eco-conscious I have since switched over to these amazing little silicone baking mats. They make clean up a breeze, and are dishwasher safe. 

Casserole Dish – Also a pretty standard piece of kitchen equipment, but still deserves to be on the list! Obviously you can make all sorts of healthy casseroles in this, but you can also make healthy breakfast cakes, baked oatmeal, 

Electric Griddle – This piece of equipment is a little less expected on this list… but it’s great for “batch” cooking. Did you know that you can prep and freeze pancakes?? YUP, and this is a perfect tool to do just that and save some time. It’s also great for scrambling up a bunch of eggs too for things like freezer breakfast burritos!

Meal Prep Containers – This is obvious — but probably the MOST important part of your whole meal prep process. They’re so important that I actually broke this piece of equipment down separately. I wrote an entire post on the best meal prep containers and how to use each one in your own prepping, check it out! ๐Ÿ™‚

Measuring Cups + Spoons – These are important not only for the cooking part of your meal prepping, but also for the portioning of each meal into your containers. Using measuring cups will help ensure that you are eating the correct portion sizes and not over doing it… it’s super easy to do! ๐Ÿ˜‰

What are your meal prepping must-haves??


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