New Fit Girl Gear ~ The TomTom Spark 3

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with TomTom®. All opinions are 100% my own, thank you for supporting the brands that make The Live Fit Girls possible!

With the new year comes lots of new fitness gadgets, and one of my new favorites is the TomTom® Spark 3 Cardio + Music GPS watch. I have been testing it out over the last month or so and can’t wait to share some of its awesome features with you…PLUS, you’ll get a super sweaty workout as a bonus!😘 

You ladies know I LOVE writing things down, what I eat, what my workouts are, how I’m feeling each day…so of course I love to add in my stats, and this watch helps a lot. At the end of each workout I love checking my stats to see how many calories I burned, and what my peak heart rate was — I write it all down in my journal to keep me accountable and always striving for more.

Another feature that I really like about the TomTom® Spark 3 Cardio + Music GPS watch is that there are so many different modes to choose from in terms of what you’re training for — running, outdoor cycling, indoor running, swimming, treadmill, freestyle, or just a regular gym workout. I think it’s a HUGE plus for those of us that are always changing up our workouts.

In addition to the multiple sports modes, there are also 5 different zones you can train in — sprint, speed, endurance, fat burn, and easy. At the end of each workout you can see how much time you spent in each zone, to help you reach your goals.

My absolute favorite feature is the ability to pre-set intervals for your workouts…this is super helpful when doing HIIT workouts, or interval runs. I love that you don’t have to have a separate time or anything and that the watch can keep track of it all for you. You can even add in your warm up, cool down, and the number of sets you want to do.

My second favorite feature is the Bluetooth headphones that are included with the watch. These have become my absolute FAVORITE for running now. I love that they can hook over your ears and you don’t have to worry about them falling out. They fit nice and snug and have 10 hours of battery life.

The TomTom® Spark 3 watch can hold up to 500 songs, and you can directly add music to the watch so that you can hook up your headphones to the watch and not have to carry around a million devices during your workout. All you do is load up your favorite songs from iTunes and you’re good to go. So easy, and now you can just grab your watch and head out the door for your workout.

There’s one more awesome feature, and that is the route exploration — it’s a feature that allows you to see a breadcrumb trail of your entire run or workout (sort of like a little map) with a compass that can show you where you are on your run, and help guide you back to your starting point. This way you can always choose a new route and never have to worry about getting lost. You can even upload routes that you want to do for you next run, and it will help guide you!

I can’t wait to try it this spring as we start hiking again…believe it or not, it’s been pretty rainy here in LA and the trails are all muddy. Yayyyy for getting out of this drought!

I tested the TomTom® Spark 3 out a bunch of times running, but like I said I wanted to see how it performed when in the “Gym Mode”, so I created this sweaty HIIT workout for you ladies as a little bonus in the #HappyNewYOU Challenge.

Download your FREE printable version HERE!

20 Minute Total Body HIIT Workout

This workout is meant to be FAST. After your warm up, complete as many repetitions as possible for each exercises in 45 seconds, and then rest for 15 seconds. Repeat each exercise four times, and then move to the next exercise. Complete your cool down, and smile about all the calories you just blasted away!

Alternating Side Lunges – Start standing with your feet together and then step your RIGHT foot out to the side, keeping your weight in your heel. Bend the outside leg to about 90 degrees, and sit your booty back. Use the hamstrings and booty to press yourself back up to standing, and repeat to the other side.

Push Up + Plank Jacks – Complete a push up with your shoulders directly over your hands, and when you come back up to the top of you push up hold your plank. Keeping the hips as steady as possible, jump the legs apart and back in (just like a jumping jack), and the repeat.

Burpees – Start by standing with your feet together. Lower into a deep squat position to bring your hands down to the floor. Jump your legs backwards into a full plank position on your hands. Jump your feet back into your low squat position and jump up, reaching your hands overhead. Complete as many burpees as you can! (Modify by taking the jump out of the exercise and just coming up to standing.)

Military Planks – Start in a forearm plank, then press your weight slightly into your LEFT side as you lift your RIGHT hand up and place it where your RIGHT elbow was. Press yourself all the way up into a full plank, straightening the LEFT arm as well. Lower the RIGHT elbow back down first, followed by the LEFT and repeat, this time starting with the opposite arm first.

Air Squats – There are just regular squats at SUPER speed! Remember to keep your weight in your heels and your abs tight. Lower your booty back and down and squeeze at the top!

Mountain Climbers – Come down to a plank position on your hands, and keep your abs engaged and your shoulders over your hands. Engage your abs and use your lower abs to pull your RIGHT knee in towards your chest. Quickly switch legs and go as quickly as you can while keeping your belly pulled in tight. Continue for 30 seconds.

Have you tried the TomTom® Spark 3 Cardio + Music GPS watch yet?? What’s your favorite feature?


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