No Equipment Workout at-Home – 15 Minute Full Body Workout

This 15 minute no-equipment workout you can do at-home is perfect to strengthen your total body. All you need is a little space and your own bodyweight.

This No Equipment Workout at-home is the perfect 15 minute routine that you can fit in anytime, anywhere!

I am so excited to share a new workout series for you! 

I’ve been working closely with the ladies in the Collectively Fit Program and I keep hearing the same things over and over — “I don’t have any TIME to workout.”

And while there is a mindset shift that needs to happen to realize that YES, we do all have some time to make our health and fitness a priority, there is no denying that we ladies are BUSY.

Whether you are a full-time mama, or a #BossBabe who is hustling, or a busy socialite, I know you have a hectic schedule that has you feeling pulled in all sorts of directions.

So I wanted to PROVE to you that you can get an amazing workout in NO MATTER what in just 15 minutes as long as you choose targeted and specific workouts that are aligned to getting you RESULTS.

So we are kicking off the first workout in this series with an amazing no equipment at-home workout.

This workout is perfect to get your total body toned and strong. It’s perfect for doing at home, outside, or even when you’re traveling. It’s great for both beginner exercisers and advanced exercisers alike.

You will love adding this into you home workout routine!

Do no equipment workouts work?

Yes! No equipment workouts are a great form of strength training but also STABILITY training. Many times when working with weights such as dumbbells, barbells, and especially on machines, we don’t always work our stabilizing muscles. 

When you do bodyweight exercises you are forced to use stabilizing muscles to control how your body moves in space. 

And having a great full-body workout routine using only bodyweight can help keep your workouts consistent even when you have very little time to hit the gym. And CONSISTENCY is how you will truly see the results that you want.

Some of the best no equipment workouts you can do at home are circuit workouts and HIIT workouts because all you need for many of them are your own body weight. 

The workout video below is a circuit workout of three different exercises that will work your entire body in just 15 minutes

The BEST No Equipment Workout At-Home

Equipment Needed:

Again, this workout is fantastic because you don’t need ANY equipment at all. Just be sure you clear some space enough that you can lunge both forwards and backwards. 

If you would like to use a workout mat for a little more comfort that’s an option, but not necessary.

Workout Instructions:

You can easily follow the workout video below, or you can perform these exercises on your own at your own pace.

In the video I will demonstrate each exercise and give you cues to follow along for the entire routine.

15 Minute Total Body No-Equipment Workout

Warm Up: 

Bodyweight Squats

Start standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and place your hands behind your head keeping your elbows wide. Shift your weight into your heels and sit your hips back as if you were sitting back into a chair. Press back up to standing, powering through your heels to engage your hamstrings and glutes. Repeat for 20 reps.

Full Plank

Come down onto the floor and place your hands under your shoulders. Keep your stomach tight by engaging your core. Think of squeezing your glutes and legs and press the floor away from you to engage your chest and shoulders. Hold for 30 seconds.

Best Upper Body At-Home Exercise: Plank Walk Outs

In this exercise (also know as an Inchworm) you will be working at the muscle groups of your upper body, including your shoulders, triceps, chest, and core. As well as the stabilizing muscles in your shoulder girdle.

How to Do a Plank Walk Out

  1. Start standing at the end of you mat with your feet shoulder-width apart and your core engaged.
  2. Hinge or roll down to bring your palms to the ground (you can bend your knees if needed to get your hands flat on the ground). Start walking your hands towards the front end of your mat until your hands are directly under your shoulder in a plank position.
  3. Pause and hold the position for a second making sure you are in a perfect plank, and your core is tight.
  4. Start walking your hand back in towards your feet and and then roll or hinge back up to standing to find your starting position. 

Repeat for a total of 10 repetitions.

Best Lower Body Exercise At-Home: Tick Tock Lunges

These front and rear combo lunges are great to target both the front and back of your legs AND get your heart rate elevated a little bit. You’ll be working your quads, butt, and hamstrings.

How to Do Tick Tock Lunges

  1. Start standing with your feet hip-distance. First step your RIGHT foot forward into a forward lunge position, with both legs bent at about 90 degrees. Then pressing up through the RIGHT heel, step back up to your starting position.
  2. Next, staying on the same foot, step the RIGHT foot back to a reverse lunge. Power back up to standing by pressing into the LEFT heel, to complete one repetition. Repeat for 10 repetitions total.
  3. Once you complete 10 repetitions on the RIGHT side change sides, repeating everything leading with the LEFT foot.

Tip: Always power up through the heel of the foot that is in front, both for the forward lunge and the reverse lunge.

Best Core Exercise at-Home: Slow Mountain Climbers

Slow Mountain climbers are great for challenging the stability of your core and will help to strengthen you abs, obliques, and lower back. They also work the stabilizers in your pelvis and trunk.

How to Do Slow Mountain Climbers:

  1. Come down onto your mat and set up in a full plank position on your hands.Bring your wrists directly under your shoulders and your abs engaged.
  2. Slowly bring your RIGHT knee into your chest, using your abs. Be sure to keep your hips and torso as steady at possible and don’t shift your weight forward.
  3. Slowly bring your RIGHT foot back to its starting position. Then repeat on the LEFT side, drawing the LEFT knee in towards the chest, engaging the low abs and keeping the shoulders table. Extend the foot back to your staring plank position to complete 1 full repetition.

Complete 10 repetitions on each side, for a total of 20 mountain climbers.

I hope you enjoy this series, and I KNOW that you can find just 15 minutes each day to get in a good sweat. You’ve got this babe!



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