Park Workout – 5 Exercises You can do at the Park!

I have a fun one for you today ladies! A new workout with exercises you can do at the park!

Life has been a little chaotic lately to say the least — running a business as a solopreneur #Girlboss, working my booty off on updates for all of your nutrition and workout programs, teaching Pilates, traveling, and planning our wedding reception…not to mention Nik’s new triathlon obsession.๐Ÿ™„ LOL…Ironman 2018 where we come…

We haven’t been spending as much time together as you would think for newlyweds, so we’ve consciously making time by doing simple thing like walking the dogs together or going to dinner at least once a week.

So, while out walking the pups together, I like to add in a few exercises just to get in a bit more exercise — yes, even I struggle sometimes staying on top of my workout schedule. And Nik helped to film a few for your the other day.

These exercises are great whether you’re at the park with your family, if you’re running through the park and need some more strength training in your routine, or you just want to get outside!


Park Workout Exercises

  • Alternating Leg Lift Push Ups – Find a bench and come into a plank position with your hands on the bench. As you lower down into a push up bring your RIGHT leg in the air behind you, squeezing your booty at the top. As you press back up to your plank lower the leg back down. Repeat lowering to your push up lifting the LEFT leg up this time, and continue alternating legs for 20 repetitions.
  • Side Steps + Leg Lifts – Stand facing sideways to your bench with your RIGHT foot on the bench. Press into your RIGHT heel and step up on top of the bench, and as you do lift your LEFT leg straight out to the side engaging your outer thighs. With control lower the LEFT foot all the way back down to the ground and repeat. Complete 15 repetitions on each side.
  • Bench Jumps – Face your bench, and lower down into a squat with your weight in your heels. Power up with your legs and jump on top of the bench, landing as softly as possible with both feet entirely on the bench. Step your RIGHT foot first back down to the ground, then follow with the left foot and repeat, jumping back on the bench and stepping down. Repeat 15 times leading with the RIGHT leg, then complete 15 repetitions leading with the LEFT leg.
  • Hanging Ab Pulls – Find a tall horizontal bar, and jump up to hang from the bar (remembering to keep your back and shoulders engaged and away from your ears.) Use your lower abs to pull your knees in towards your chest, trying not to swing too much, then lower the legs back down. Variation: Twist the knees, alternating right and left to engage the obliques. Progression: Keep the legs straight as you pull them up for more of a challenge.
  • Bodyweight Rows – Find a set of parallel bars, swing your legs over one to the bars and hang with the arms from the other. Keep your arms a little wider than shoulder width apart and then row your chest up towards the bar, squeezing the shoulder blades in the back.Complete 10-15 repetitions. Modification: Keep the legs on the ground to make this exercise a little easier.

Have fun at the park, gorgeous babes! โ™ฅ๏ธŽ


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