Preparing for the LFG Challenges!


The seconds annual #BeautifulBeachBum Challenge if finally underway, so I wanted to make sure you were completely ready for the most EPIC challenge yet.

Over the next 8 weeks we are going to have so much fun — but before we start, there is a little prep work to make sure we are successful. These tips will help you get ready so that you can have your happiest + healthiest challenge yet!

Before Pictures – This is BIG and I will be looking for pictures when choosing the grand prize winner. (But that doesn’t mean you have to have the most drastic transformation!) It’s important for YOU to be able to SEE changes when you look at pictures side by side, because you may not see them looking in the mirror day after day.

Be sure to get pictures from the front, side, and back. It’s best if you ask someone else to take them for you, so recruit a girlfriend to join you for the challenge or your significant other. Try to take the pictures in decent lighting, and against a blank wall. And wear some form fitting clothes or preferably a sports bra and panties or shorts — but I totally understand if you want to cover up with a tight-fitting tank top. Keep these picture saved somewhere so you can look back at them and see how far you’ve come.

Body measurements – Body measurements are also really important when it comes to staying motivated. It’s easy to forget that the scale is not always actuate and you may be losing fat even when you aren’t losing weight. So make sure to measure your arms, chest, waist, hips, thighs, and calves. If you have the Nutrition Program, there is a body measurement tracker and fitness tracker in the print out section for you to keep track — otherwise you can just use a notebook to keep track of everything.

Get a Journal or Fitness Tracker – Keeping track of everything will not only keep you accountable, but also keep you motivated when you need a little extra boost. A notebook will work great if you don’t have the Nutrition Program, and you can also write down all your meals and body measurements in there too!  

Make Some Goals – Make sure you have clear, concise goals!! Include some sort of number in it, whether it’s “X” pounds, “X” miles, or “X” inches. It MUST be measurable so that you have a way to check your progress through out the challenge. If you have the Nutrition Guide, there is a whole goal setting section with worksheets to help you really hone in on your goal.

And then the big tip with those goals is: WRITE THEM DOWN! Put them somewhere you’ll see them everyday — it’ll keep you accountable. You can even share your goals in the community if you want for some extra accountability! 😉

Equipment You’ll Need – The bare minimum I would suggest for equipment is a set or two of dumbbells and at least one set of resistance bands. If you are following along with the exclusive workouts, you’ll definitely also need some resistance loops or Booty Bands. Most of the workouts can be done with just those pieces of equipment. A stability ball will also be VERY helpful too. Some other equipment on the line up are kettlebells — but they are totally optional.

Meal Planning + Grocery ShoppingCreate a menu for your first week of the challenge and make a shopping list. Clean out your refrigerator, your kitchen, and wash all of your meal prep containers. Head to the grocery store and load up on healthy food  — make sure to get loads of veggies and fruit, lots of lean protein, and healthy snacks. 

Then, get your little booty back home and let the meal prepping madness begin! Get in the kitchen and chop, prep, and cook anything that you’ll want for the week. If you’re new to meal prepping, check out this post I did with an entire breakdown of how I do it. If you need any meal ideas, check out the recipe page or grab a copy of the Nutrition Program for over 200 new ideas!


Where to Find the Schedule – You can always find the current schedule on the Weekly Schedule page. I would suggest bookmarking the page so you can easily access it. There will also always be a printable version each week for the schedule, so you can print it out along with all the workouts, and place it on your fridge, in your gym bag, or with your workout gear. You’ll always know what workout to do and be prepared to kick serious booty!

Saturday 5k’s – During the challenge, each Saturday we will all being doing a Fit Girls 5k Run…this is going to be a little virtual fun run. Or if you prefer, you can go out for a bike ride and ride 10 miles — or do any kind of cardio you prefer. I scheduled these 5k’s because I think it’s important to have goals that are not related to looks — and this is the perfect thing!

After your first 5k, record your time in your journal, each week, review your time from the week before and try to beat it. Make some goals for a time you want to beat, or distance you ran without walking. These little weekly “wins” will help keep you successful throughout the challenge and keep you motivated if the scale doesn’t move that week. If you need some help with running check out this post to get you started.

If you haven’t joined the Facebook Community, you can still join here! There are so many amazing prizes coming up so make sure you join — it’s where all the action happens!


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