Slimming Swing Set Workout!

This full body swing set workout will target your arms, abs, and legs to burn tons of calories and boost your metabolism. Get ready for a great sweat outside!

Swing Set Workout

Fall is the perfect time to get outside and get a great workout in. The weather is cooler and the scenery is breathtaking with all the fall foliage!

This swing workout is perfect for after getting in a quick cardio workout or when you just need to get outside. It’s especially great for busy moms who have toddlers or kids and need a workout they can do while watching the kids!

And the best part is that this swing workout is a full body workout, so you’ll work your arms, legs, and abs all in just 30 minutes!

The only thing you need for this workout is a swing set and some motivation! Grab some water and get ready to feel like a kid again!

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Slimming Swing Workout

Sliming Swing Set Workout

Get ready for some FUN and feel like a kid again with this swing set workout. Head to your local park and grab a seat! Complete this workout as a circuit, moving from one exercise to the next without resting, then repeat 3 times through!

  • Swing Squat Hops – Stand behind your swing and grab the chains. Lean back slightly so that you can get REALLY low into a squat keeping your weight in your heels.Then from the bottom of your squat, power through your legs to jump up, making sure to keep some tension on the chains. Repeat with 20 jumps as fast as you can!
  • Hanging Upside-Down Push Ups – Turn around facing away from the swing then lower down to a plank. Carefully, lift one foot onto the swing at a time. Be sure to keep the swing steady and keep shoulders over your hands. Lower down to a push up position, and then press back up. Complete 15 push ups. (For a modified version, do push ups on the ground or on your knees.)
  • Suspended V-Sits – Have a seat on the swing, and hold onto the chains. Use your lower abs to lift your legs up, squeezing your inner thighs together. Lean slightly back to engage your abs even more, then reach the legs out straight to 45 degrees. Use your lower abs to pull your knees into your chest, then reach them back out to 45 degrees. Make sure to keep your abs tight the whole time and your back straight. Complete 20 repetitions!
  • Swinging Split Squats – Face away from the swing and then step about 2 feet away. Reach one foot back and place it on the seat. Keep your weight in your front foot, then lower down into a lunge position, making sure to keep your knee over your heel. Use the back of the leg and the BOOTY to straighten back up. Repeat for 15 repetitions and then switch sides.
  • Hanging Body Weight Rows – Turn around and face the swing, holding onto the chains. Plant your feet down then lift your toes to lean back. Make sure to keep a plank position and your core engaged. Use your biceps and back muscles to bring your torso up to the swing. Remember to squeeze your shoulders together and do 15 repetitions.
  • Double Knee Tucks – Come back to your plank position on the floor, with your feet on the seat. Keep your shoulders over hands, then use your lower abs to pull your knees and the swing towards your. Straighten back to a plank and make sure not to let your hips drop. Repeat 15 times.

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Swing Set Workout

So, what’s your favorite park workout?


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  1. Hi! I just want to say I love this workout! I always enjoy workouts you can do wherever and this is super creative! I’ll have to try it out the next time I’m at the park with my son.

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