Spicy Jalapeño Tuna Cakes

These spicy tuna cakes are so simple to make and are finished in under 20 minutes. They are perfect for the grill or cooked on the stove!

Spicy Tuna Cakes

I feel like it’s literally been FOREVER since I’ve posted a recipe…and girl, do I have a spicy one for you today! 😉

No, but seriously…these jalapeño tuna cakes are just the right amount of spiciness for the warmer weather that is — hopefully — coming your way!

Warmer weather, to me, means more seafood, and also more spicy foods — it just feels right to have hearty, warming, and soothing foods in the winter…and in the summer I love adding in a bit more flair to my meals with some spiciness.

Spicy Jalapeno Tuna Cakes

And here in Cali we are finally out of our crazy, weird, rainy, winter weather — and the draught too, for that matter! 😉  And we are finally starting to see longer, warmer days.

Just in time for Earth Day too!🌎 Because in case you forget, Earth Day is this weekend. And we’re celebrating by heading out to Home Depot to load up on a ton of herbs to plant and we’re getting a new grill for our balcony!

And I can tell you what I will be making on that baby…these spicy little devils.🌶

These spicy tuna cakes are perfect for grilling up, or even just cooked up in a pan…just make sure you brown them up nice, so they are crispy on the outside!

Spicy Tuna Cakes made with Jalapenos and Greek yogurt

These are so simple to make AND are actually a really great idea for meal prepping. You can make a big batch, cook them up ahead of time, and heat them up later, and they are STILL ridiculously delicious!

PLUS, they also make a great party food — perfect for cookouts, or even as appetizers!

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All you need is some tuna, I used Wild Selections because they only use sustainably sourced fish that’s 100% traceable. They also give back to the oceans by donating 13 cents from every can sold to the World Wildlife Fund marine conservation and fishery improvement projects. Wild Selections believes that it’s their responsibility to take care of the oceans for the future, not just fishing sustainably in the present. So on brand with the Earth Day theme, right??🌎🐟

Then add in a little diced jalapeños, a little Greek yogurt, a little S+P, an egg and some almond flour and there you have it! Just measure your mixture, shape into patties, and cook ‘em up! You’ll have a perfectly portioned meal in minutes!

Spicy Tuna Burger Recipe

Spicy Tuna Cake Recipe

Also make sure you DON’T forget the Chipotle Aioli — it seriously MAKES these little patties all the more delicious!

Just throw some nonfat Greek yogurt in your blender along with a few chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, blend for about 30 seconds! Then there you have it, a SKINNY Chipotle Aioli, and I promise you won’t even know the difference!

Spicy Jalapeno Tuna Cakes


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Spicy Jalapeño Tuna Cakes with Chipotle Aioli

  • Prep Time: 5
  • Cook Time: 10
  • Total Time: 15 minutes



For the Tuna Cake

  • 35 ounce cans of white albacore tuna in water, drained
  • 1/4 yellow onion, diced
  • 1/4 cup nonfat Greek yogurt
  • 1 egg, lightly beaten
  • 1/4 cup almond flour
  • 12 jalapeños, deseeded (optional) and diced
  • juice from 1/2 lemon
  • salt + pepper to taste
  • 2 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

For the Chipotle Aioli


For the Tuna Cakes

  1. In a large bowl combine the tuna, onion, Greek yogurt, egg, almond flour, jalapeño, lemon juice, and salt and pepper to taste, and mix to combine.
  2. Use a 1/3 cup measuring cup to measure out 6 patties, lightly packing them together, and set aside.
  3. In a large nonstick skillet, heat the olive oil over a medium high heat, and cook cakes until golden brown and crisp on the outside, about 3 minutes per side.

For the Chipotle Aioli

  1. In a blender, purée the Greek yogurt and the peppers until smooth. Serve with the tuna cakes, and enjoy!


  • Serving Size: 6

So how are you celebrating Earth Day this weekend? Any cookouts or gardening on your end??


This is a sponsored post in partnership with Wild Selections. All opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that made The Live Fit Girls possible!

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