StairMaster HIIT

Stairmaster HIIT

Blast Fat with this StairMaster HIIT Workout!

With winter holding on for dear life here in NYC, I must continue to do my cardio inside…YUCK!

I just want spring already, so I can run outside! Who’s with me?? Unfortunately, summer bodies are built in the winter…so with that, inside cardio it is…ugh!

As you know, I am ALL ABOUT getting my workouts in early so that I can burn fat all day long. But sometimes, I need a quick High Intensity Interval Training routine for those mornings where getting out of bed is just a little too difficult! ๐Ÿ˜‰ This workout is fast — only 20 minutes — AND efficient, you’ll feel like you just ran up the Empire State Building or something!!

*Double – Skip every other step so that you have a higher step up. If you’ve never done this before be careful with your speed, and start SLOWLY! But I promise, you will LOVE how it make your booty look and feel!

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What’s your favorite winter cardio? Let me know in the comments!


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