The Benefits of Collagen

Vital Proteins Review

I want to let you in on a little secret…one of my favorite new finds…collagen!

If you’ve been following me along on Snapchat, then you may have seen me adding this to my morning cold-brew.

You may be most familiar with collagen in the form of implants or injections — but trust me, this is WAY better — and cheaper!

But to be honest, collagen is naturally found in the body, and naturally found in animals if you eat meat, as well. The only problem is it makes up the connective tissue in the ligaments and tendons, which are not usually the parts of the cow we want to eat…which is where Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides comes into play.

Vital Proteins is amazing because for one, there is only ONE ingredient — collagen peptides from either grass fed, pasture-raised beef in the original collagen or wild-caught snapper in the marine collagen. You know I am a true believer in the less amount of ingredients, the better!

Second, it’s totally tasteless — no, but seriously, it is! That was second requirement when researching collagen brands, because I wanted something I could add to my morning coffee and not taste — and this is just that.

If you’ve been reading The Live Fit Girls for a while, you KNOW that I will not just endorse any brand or product —  so this is something that I truly love and use myself. I would NOT share it with you otherwise — plus, I need to test it all out before I share it with you, too!

Collagen Peptides

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Reasons to ♡ Collagen

Prevents AND Reverses Signs of Aging – Collagen makes up 70% of the protein in our skin. It creates the elasticity in the skin and helps with regenerating skin. As we age, skin changes — such as fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin — are the most visible signs of aging. And who wants that, right? Definitely not me!

Good nutrition and staying hydrated can help keep your skin looking young, but adding collagen to your diet is key to dramatically improving your skin’s appearance. The amino acids in collagen are responsible for maintaining even skin. It helps to improve skin’s moisture level and suppleness, making your skin look younger and smoother.

Beautiful Hair & Nails – Collagen also supports the growth of hair and nails, making both thicker and stronger. Supplementing with collagen peptides daily can improve the appearance of micro-lines, improve skin hydration, lessen the appearance of deep wrinkles and improve the overall appearance and suppleness of your skin.

Strengthens Bones and Joints – Cartilage is found throughout your body — such as in your joints, ears, and nose. The cartilage in your joints protects your bones from rubbing against one another. Our body regenerates collagen itself, but as we age, our ability to produce collagen decreases — which can lead to osteoarthritis, or pain caused by bone rubbing on bone. OUCH!

Collagen peptides are an easy way to support joint health by providing your body with the collagen it needs to build and maintain cartilage in the your joints. This can help with recovery during your intense workouts, and help you stay active even as you age. YES, please! 

Improves Digestion – Adding collagen to your diet can help soothe and heal a “leaky gut”, and restore the sensitive lining your stomach and intestines. Your tummy plays a huge roll in your health and well-being, so adding collagen to your diet can really help if you have digestive issues.

Vital Proteins

Like I said, I love adding this to my cold-brew iced coffee in the morning. These collagen peptides work great in both cold and hot beverages or recipes — and I’ve even added them to my hot passion tea! YUM! 

You can add a few scoops to smoothies, or even just add it to water — pretty much what ever kind of “concoction” you think up will work with this — and you’ll be on your way to beautiful hair & skin, healthy joints, and happy tummy in no time!

Plus, each serving has 18 grams of protein (11 gram for the marine collagen) — that’s HUGE!! You can literally make ANY beverage a protein-rich meal or snack.

Since I started using it (about 2 months ago) I have noticed smoother skin, and my nails are growing like crazy! LOVING IT. You can find the one I like here.

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Have you ever tried collagen? Did you notice any improvements in your skin or hair??


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