Total Bikini Body Workout

Bikini Body Workout

Happy Motivation Monday, Live Fit Girls! Today’s NEW #BeachBumChallenge workout will tone every inch of you with inly 5 moves and using only dumbbells.

Repeat this Total Bikini Body Workout 2-3 times for an amazing full body workout!

My Equipment:
Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat (in Chevron)
Dumbbells (5-10 pounds)

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Total Bikini Body Workout

Total Bikini Body Workout

  • Total Body Toner – Start standing with your feet a little wider than shoulder width apart and holding dumbbells down by your sides, with your palms facing in. Keep your knees and toes in the same line, and sit the booty back into a squat. Press through the heels to stand back up, and as you do, curl the weights up towards the shoulders, keeping the palms facing in. Continue pressing the arms all the way up to the ceiling into a shoulder press. Then to lower down, uncurl the arms, and lower the weights down by your sides as you sit back into your squat.
  • Deadlift & Row – Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, and slightly shift your weight into your RIGHT leg as you extend the LEFT leg back behind you. Hold the weights down by your sides with palms facing in. Hinge at your hips to lower into a single-leg deadlift. Hold at the bottom to balance slightly, and perform a narrow row, squeezing the shoulders blades together. Carefully extend the arms back down to straight, then use the hamstring and booty on the RIGHT leg to hinge all the way back up to standing. Complete all repetitions on the RIGHT, and then switch sides.
  • Plank Row Kickbacks – Come into a plank position, holding onto your dumbbells, and slightly shift your weight into your RIGHT arm as you row the LEFT arm up. Hold the LEFT arm up in that row position and then extend the arm back straight, squeezing the triceps. Hold the upper arm and elbow steady, as you bend the arm back to the row position, and then extend straight again without lowering the hand to the mat.
  • Weighted Booty Kickbacks – Come onto hands and knees, and place a dumbbell behind your RIGHT knee. Slightly lift your RIGHT leg off the floor, and squeeze the weight behind the knee as you flex your RIGHT foot. Engage the abs and keep the hips steady as you lift the leg up and back into a booty kickback. Squeeze the booty at the top, and then lower down, making sure not to lower the knee to the floor. Repeat all repetitions on the RIGHT, and then switch sides.
  • Ab Roll Ups – Hold a dumbbell with each end in one hand, and your arms extending straight up towards the ceiling. Engage your abs and tuck your pelvis, as you roll yourself up to seated, one vertebrae at a time. Sit as tall as you can at the top, and then roll back down one vertebrae at a time. Keep control and the abs tight the entire time.

Find your PRINTABLE download HERE!

Lastly, remember to check in with the community and make sure to keep us updated on your Live Happy & Healthy Challenges — remember, today is Meatless Monday & Motivation Monday.


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