Why You NEED Tea Tree Oil in Your Home

There are so many tea tree oil benefits! Learn how to use tea tree oil for skin, face, and around your home! You’ll soon love having this essential oil around!


Essential oils are one of my absolute favorite products when it comes to wellness — and even around my home. If you’ve been following along with the little essential oil series we started up last year you know I have alllllll kinds of oils, and use each one for something different.

But seriously, if you’re not into essential oils yet…it’s really a MUST. Not only do they smell amazing, but each one has their own benefits when it comes to wellness, and many even have benefits that can he helpful around your home.

One of my favorite of essential oils is tea tree oil.

It smells amazing and the benefits could go on and on.

What makes tea tree oil so amazing is it’s cleansing ability. It is taken from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia tree, which is native to Australia. The indigenous people have been using tea tree for thousands of years for it’s strong antimicrobial and antiseptic properties.

And there are a ton of ways you can easily use tea tree oil too! Here are a few of my favorite ways to use tea tree oil, and why you HAVE to have tea tree oil around you house.


How to Use Tea Tree Oil

Clear Up a Sore Throat – With all of tea tree oil’s cleansing and disinfecting properties, it makes a perfect, natural remedy for sore throats. Because it fights inflammation, and infections, it makes a great gargle when your throat starts to get sore. The MOMENT you start to get that scratchiness in your throat, make a simple gargle with 1 drop of tea tree oil, 2 teaspoons of salt, and 8 ounces of water. Swish it around and gargle with it, then spit it out. (Don’t totally freak if you swallow a tiny bit, but be sure to spit it most of it out). Repeat once a day until you’re feeling healthy again. 

DIY Deodorant – One of my favorite DIYs on the blog to date is the homemade deodorant I shared years ago. It’s still something I use every single day, and I SWEAR it works! Tea tree oil fights the bacteria that likes to congregate under your arms and this bacteria is the cause of body odor…the less bacteria, the less odor. Want to switch to a healthier and all-natural deodorant?? Try this recipe, and smell super fresh! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tea Tree Oil Benefits

Keep Pests AwayTea tree oil is super effective at keeping away critters and creatures that you don’t want around. When you notice ants, sprinkle a drop of oil right on their trail or around the ant mounds to keep them away. And when it comes to mosquitoes, you can apply it over your entire body to keep those bugs at bay. Just make sure you dilute it with a carrier oil like some almond oil. — P.s. Keep an eye out! I’ll be sharing a homemade bug spray in the next month or so, as the weather warms up! 

Ease Itchy Bug Bites – You can use tea tree oil in a few different ways when it comes to bug bites. You can either put a few drops on a cotton swab or cotton ball and brush it gently onto the bite to cleanse it and reduce inflammation. Or you can make your own bug bite cream with a little bentonite clay and tea tree oil. Add a few drops of tea tree oil with about a half a teaspoon of bentonite clay. Apply it directly onto the bit, let it dry, and then rinse it off. 

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Skin & Face

Prevent Garden Fungus – Garden fungus is a very common problem and can become a serious problem for your plants if left untreated. Luckily, tea tree oil is a perfect anti-fungal treatment for your organic plants. Mix 1 tablespoon of tea tree oil per cup of water, and combine them into a spray bottle. Spray your plants once a day to prevent fungal growth. Just be careful not to over do it during the summer months! The tea tree oil can burn the leaves in the hot sun. (You may want to dilute the solution to 1 teaspoon per cup of water during the summer!)

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Disinfect with Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner – It’s no secret that I love using homemade and eco-friendly cleaners and tea tree oil is an ingredient that takes center stage in that. I absolutely LOVE using tea tree oil in my bathroom to sanitize and disinfect. I use it on the bathtub, sink, toilet, counters and even the floor. Here’s how I make a simple DIY all-purpose cleaner that I’m obsessed with.

The Ultimate Pimple Eraser – This is by far my absolute favorite way to use tea tree oil. You know when those awesome (not!), deep pimples start forming on your beautiful face?? Yeah, the ones that are super inflamed, painful and red, and seem to last forever? Well, all you need to do is put a few drop of tea tree oil on a cotton swab and then dab the pimple with. Don’t dilute the essential oil or anything, just put it straight on. It literally ERASES the zit in like 24 hours. Try it next time, I swear it’s amazing, your zit will be GONE the very next day. You can thank me later. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tea Tree Essential Oil Uses

Deodorize Stinky Shoes + Feet – If tea tree oil can work on fungus in your garden, it’s definitely strong enough to handle fungus on your feet! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Or even just handle some stinky feet. You can make a simple foot powder with arrowroot powder and a few drop of tea tree oil to sprinkle over you feet, or you can make an Epsom salt foot soak with about 30 drops of tea tree oil per gallon of water. Soak those feet for about 15 minutes per day and enjoy sweet-smelling toes! Also, keep your eyes out for some shoe deodorizing sachets later on this week.

Toothbrush + Retainer Cleaner – Do you ever store your toothbrush or retainer in a plastic case?? Yeah, well that’s where mildew just lovessss to live — EW! Every week or so you should do a nice, deep-cleaning of your toothbrush and/or retainer to remove bacteria. Mix 10 drops of tea tree oil with a cup of water and swish your toothbrush or retainer in the mixture a little bit, then allow them to dry out completely before storing them in their case.

Soak Sore Muscles – Because tea tree oil helps with inflammation, it makes sense that it can relieve sore, tight, and inflamed muscles. Just mix 10-20 drops with a cup or so of Epsom salt and pour it into a warm bath and you have a relaxing, muscle soothing soak. You can also try adding other essential oils too — check out detoxing bath salt recipe for more inspiration!

How to Use Tea Tree Essential Oil for face

What’s your favorite way to use tea tree oil? Let me know in the comments!



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