Stock Your Pantry: Healthy Grains


So a few weeks ago, I started a little “Stock Your Pantry Series” with the best healthy oils for your kitchen, so today I wanted to give you a few more items for your grocery list.

Today we are talking: GRAINS

Grains sometimes get a bad rep — but healthy carbohydrates are so important to a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy and whole grains not only give you a ton of energy from slow-digesting carbohydrates — preventing big spikes in blood glucose levels — but they also provide your with heart healthy and waist-slimming fiber.

Stock Your Pantry- Grains

Old Fashioned or Rolled Oats – Not only are rolled fashioned or rolled oats perfect for oatmeal or overnight oats, but they are also PERFECT for homemade granola

Barley – Barley is a “newer” favorite of mine. I hadn’t cooked it alone ever until I had a bunch of it laying around for making homemade bread. But it’s the perfect grain to make a white bean salad (I’ll post a recipe soon!), or to add to soups. I can’t believe I haven’t shared a barley recipe yet, but I promise they’re coming! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Freekeh – I’ve talked about freekeh before, but it’s such a fantastic and unique grain, that’s still gaining steam in the USA. I LOVE it in my Freekeh Cowgirl Salad, but its also good in a delicious tabbouleh, or in just about any recipe that calls for quinoa!

Farro – Farro is another grain I’ve been loving the last few months. I made an amazing winter salad with some farro and hearty winter veggies earlier this year that is so filling and perfect for lunch! I love adding farrow to salad because it still maintains a “crunchy” sort of texture after it’s cooked — perfect for adding some texture to your salads!

Quinoa – This goes without saying! Quinoa should be is a STAPLE in any healthy pantry. It’s an easier, less intimidating grain to start with than some of these other “new” grains, since it only takes 20 minutes to cook, and there are loadsssss of recipes to start with on Pinterest. I even love having it for breakfast – both sweet and savory!

Brown Rice – Super simple, but still one of my favorites! Brown rice goes with just about everything and is the perfect side to just about any meal. I love cooking it in big batches while meal prepping, then I freeze some to always have it on hand!


Now there are wayyyy more grains out there than just these — you can always try millet, spelt, rye, bulgar, buckwheat, or couscous. 

I love buying grains in bulk and storing them in glass canisters in my pantry to keep everything organized and pretty! — Should I do a pantry organization post?!


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