Essential Oil Roll-On Perfume

DIY Lavender Essential Oil Roll On

So, as you ladies know, I have been obsessed with essential oils lately. So for the fifth post in our Essential Oil Series. I wanted to share a way to enjoy your favorite essential oils everywhere you go.

I’ve mention before, it is not recommended that you apply most essential oils undiluted to the skin, so this is my favorite way to enjoy all essential oils, and allows me to apply some to my wrists, collar bone, temples, or anywhere that needs a little essential oil TLC.

I also LOVE that it’s a simple way to create your own non-toxic perfume!

I carry these rollers around in my purse to help pep me up, stay calm, or just because through out the day.

Some of my favorites are ones made with only Lavender essential oil (obviously) — I have it right by my bed to helps me sleep, a Peppermint one — it’s on my desk, to help wake me up during my usual mid-afternoon lull, and a Sweet Orange & Ginger oil blend — that I use as a perfume. It reminds me of summer!

I’ve listed a few other blends below that you may like to play with for certain moods or occasions.

DIY Essential Oil Roll On

Other blends to play with:

Sweet Dreams

Stay Focused


Allergy Blend

Muscle Soother



Or get creative and blend any of your favorite oils for your very own signature scent! πŸ˜‰


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Make your Own Essential Oil Roll-On Perfume




  1. Carefully remove the roller top from your glass roller bottle using the blunt side of a butter knife.
  2. Add your drops of essential oil into the bottle, and use the plastic dropper to add in the carrier oil.
  3. Place the roller tops back on the bottle, pressing down firmly to ensure it will not fall out.
  4. Shake your oils together to blend, and enjoy your new essential oil roller.

DIY Essential Oil Roll On

What’s you favorite essential oil combination?


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