Lower Ab Pilates {with a Mini-Ball} & How I Fuel My Workouts!

Mini Ball Ab Workout

This is a two-fer today! I’m making up for all the lost time while I was away! 

Today, we are combining two of my most favorite things —  Pilates and cold-pressed juice!

It feels like it has been foreverrrr since my last workout post…and that’s because it has been! Umm, FOUR months…seriously, not ok.

Anyway, we are back in action here at the Live Fit Girl’s and some seriously amazing things are coming your way in the next few weeks and months! So stay tuned! I’m giddy with excitement for all the amazing things I have planned for you!

Naked Pressed

One of my favorite things to do since moving to LA has been running or biking to the beach with my yoga mat, and taking a break in the sand to do some strength or toning exercises.

I love the challenge that the sand has on stability and balance. My favorite beach workouts are abs exercises in the sand like plank workouts, Pilates, or get this — walking lunges. OMG, seriously killer!

So as I was riding my bike a few weeks ago I was thinking to myself “what kind of equipment can I bring to the beach?” I needed lightweight and portable equipment than can fit in my nike basket or backpack.

One of my favorite Pilates props is a mini ball. They are THE BEST for targeting the lower abs and booty (another post on the booty soon! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) So I just popped that mini ball in my basket and off I went for my morning bike ride.

Mini stability balls are the amazing for those you ladies without much space or who travel a lot. And TRUST ME, I will be adding a lot more mini ball workouts in the next few months! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Naked Pressed Juice

And now, on to our second piece of the day! 

As you know, I have a new-found love — Naked Cold Press Juice. And it has been my go-to since my move, for getting the energy I need — and motivation to get up! — for my morning workouts.

(Am I the only one who wakes up and is SUPER excited for breakfast?!)

Fresh juice is one of my absolute favorite ways to to start the day, and I usually drink one right after my morning cardio. After a workout, is the time when your body can best metabolize sugars. So it’s my absolute favorite time to get my juice in. It’s important to replenish glycogen stores after a workout, and what’s better than a tasty juice?

Naked Pressed is just that — each bottle is made with ready-to-eat, high quality fruits and veggies that are cold-pressed right into the bottle. The juices are shipped immediately to ensure only the highest-quality, best-tasting juice hits the shelf every time. There’s no added sugar or preservatives, AND it’s certified Non-GMO — so you know it’s goodness and real fruit & veggies in ever bottle!

Naked has been working tirelessly to create and launch this new line of cold pressed juices and I feel super lucky to be able to be a part of the west coast launch. (But don’t worry east-coasties! You’ll be ale to pick your’s up soon too! ๐Ÿ˜‰ )




Mini Ball Lower Ab Pilates

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Lower Ab Pilates with the Mini-Ball

  • Toe Taps – Lay on a mat on your back with your knees bent, and feet flat on the floor. To place the ball in it’s starting position, press into the feet to lift your hips up in a bridge. Slide the ball under the arch of your lower back. It should feel comfortable and supportive. Engage your abdominals to bring one knee up at a time to a “table top” position, with knees over your hips. Pull the low abs tight as you lower your RIGHT leg towards the floor keeping the knee bent at 90 degrees. Use the lower abs to pull the knee back up to table top and repeat on the other leg. Repeat alternating side to side for 20 repetitions.
  • Single Leg Reach – Staying in your table top position, move on to the next exercise. This time reach your RIGHT leg out straight to a 45 degree angle, as the LEFT knee stays in table top. Tighten the lower abs and pull the knee back into table top. Repeat with the LEFT leg and alternate side to side for 10 repetitions on each side.
  • Double Leg Reach – Once you finish your single leg stretch, move on to doubles. Your legs may need to reach a little higher this time to keep your abs engaged. Squeeze your inner thighs together as both legs reach straight, and really pull the lower abs in as you bring the knees back to table top. Complete 10 repetitions.
  • Single Leg Lower – From your table top position, extend your legs straight up in the air, and use your abs to stay steady on the ball. Keep your LEFT leg steady as you lower your RIGHT leg to that 45 degree angle. Lower down until you just start to feel your abs shake, and then keep them tight as you pull the leg back up. Repeat with the LEFT leg, and complete 10 repetitions on each side.
  • Double Leg Lower – Keep both legs straight, and this time lower both legs towards that 45 degree position. This is the most difficult exercise in the series, and you’ll be tired so make sure to really keep those abs tight. Stop as soon as you start to feel the abs shake, and PULL those abs in to lift the legs back up. Repeat for 10 repetitions and work that tight tummy!

Find your FREE printable download version HERE!

Loving Life in LA

How do you stay fueled during a workout?


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