How to “Detox” After the Weekend

With Christmas over, New Years weekend on the horizon, and the #HappyNewYOU Challenge starting next week. I wanted you arm you ladies with your ultimate post-holiday weekend reset.

But these tips aren’t just for THIS holiday weekend, these tips will help you get back on track ANYTIME. Whether it’s a weekend trip away, a birthday or special occasion, or you had something to celebrate — these guidelines will help you bounce back, and get on with your goals.

A few bad days will happen — we’re HUMAN. And I for one, don’t want to feel like I’m holding back enjoying time with my friends and loved ones. I don’t want to pass on a glass of champagne or some of my favorite treats (<– insert donuts). So, I indulge — and that’s totally OK. If you’re living a healthy lifestyle, a little wiggle room is totally fine, and so much more realistic in the long run.

But, as soon as the party is over, it’s time get back in the game — and even harder than before! These tips will help to reset your body and get you back on track in no time!


Sweat it Out – Nothing will feel better after a weekend of indulging as finishing a good, sweaty workout. That being said — it’s really easy to drag your feet to get to that workout. But, make it a priority. 

  • HIIT workoutsHIIT workouts are especially beneficial for detoxing the body because they stimulate your circulatory system and the lymph system, and help to improve the body’s elimination channels. πŸ˜‰
  • Sauna – A sauna or steam room can help you seriously sweat and flush out toxins, improve your circulation and help you relax and de-stress. It can also brighten up your complexion, and even help get rid of puffy eyes if you’re fatigued! Head over to your gym, and enjoy the sauna after a crazy weekend — you’ll feel so much better!

Stay Hydrated – After a weekend of drinking a little more than usual and eating things that are most likely saltier and sweeter than usual, you’ll want to make sure your REALLY down your water, and stay hydrated. Here are some options:

  • Green Tea – Green tea is my LOVE. It’s high in antioxidants which can help boost your immune system and flush out your liver.
  • Bloat Blasting Cocktail – Potassium is also HUGE for keeping the fluids balanced in our body, so I love drinking my bloat blasting cocktail to help flush out my system. It’s a fun little infused water recipe with watermelon — which is full of potassium, detoxifying lemon, and rosemary — which is great for intestinal health.
  • Lemon Water – Warm lemon water in the morning is amazing for helping boost your metabolism and improve your digestion. I wake up every morning and have a big glass of my detox lemonade to get the juices flowing — if ya know what I mean! πŸ˜‰
  • Kombucha + Fresh Juices – Kombucha is filled with healthy probiotics that help keep your digestive tract healthy, and fresh juices are filled with nutrients that your body will need after a little weekend binging.

Ginger Lemon Detox Drink IG

Detox Your Meals – I gotta be honest…the key to detoxing your body is…going number 2…Sorry, but it’s the truth. And the key to getting things moving, is loading up on fiber. Fiber helps to push things through your system more smoothly and regularly. After a big weekend of eating unhealthy, try these three tips for getting in more fiber.

  • Go Raw – As much as possible, eat raw foods when you’re trying to detox. Raw foods — especially fruits and veggies — will usually be higher in fiber than cooked foods. Load up on salads, and fresh fruits. Not only will the fiber helps keep things moving smoothly, but they are also high it vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants — which your body will be craving after a crazy weekend.
  • Detox Salad – My favorite way to get in tons of raw foods that are SUPER detoxifying is this detox salad. Almost all the ingredients have amazing health benefits AND it’s ridiculously loaded with fiber — double detox points!
  • Protein & Veggies – After straying from your usual healthy lifestyle, try a few days that are little lighter in carbs…this will help to reduce bloating and help to get in more fruits in veggies in place of those carbs. After two or three days go back to eating those healthy carbs and your body and waistline will thank you!

Rainbow Detox Salad

Cut Alcohol for a Few Days – You gotta give your liver a break after a big weekend, so skip the alcohol. Your liver is the main detoxifier of the body, and works overtime anytime you consume alcohol. So after a few heavy days of drinking, give your liver a break and let it catch up. Having a healthy liver is SO important for having a healthy body — so be nice to it! πŸ˜‰

Ditch the Sugar – Sugar is one of the most addictive substances on the planet, and if you had a big weekend you most likely had a little more sugar than you would normally — and sugar is terrible for gut health. So, for the first few days after a big party weekend, try and keep your sugar intake down to reset your palate, and to keep your gut happy.


Follow these tips and you’ll be back to your regular old self — or BETTER — in no time! For an extra boost you can join the #HappyNewYOU Challenge for your happiest and healthiest year yet!

And, if you need a little more help with your diet as we head into the New Year, check out the new Fit Girls Nutrition Program! There’s a sale until January 1st — just use the code HAPPYNEWYOU at check out.


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