Chair Workout for Legs

This chair workout for legs will give your lower body and amazing workout to tone and tighten your butt and thighs.

Lower Body Chair Workout for Women

Happy Monday ladies! It’s time to get moving again, and today I’m sharing my new favorite booty + leg workout!

I seriously LOVE using a chair or a bench for workouts, especially when it comes to working the legs and booty. And as I’m sure you have realized my now — I LOVE working the booty… so this new workout seriously target the booty and legs like crazy!

What really gets those legs working in this workout is all of the single-sided exercises — making those legs work double time!

After your workout today, be sure to check in on the community or on Instagram to let me know how you liked the workout!

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My Equipment:
Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat (in Geo)

Top: Glyder Apparel (use the code “LiveFitGirl” at check out for 25% off your purchase)
Bottoms: Nike

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The Best Chair Workout for Legs

Chair Workout for Legs

Single Leg Squats on the Chair

Start standing close to the edge of the chair then balance on your RIGHT leg with your left leg slightly lifted in front of you. Lower yourself down, as if you were sitting onto the chair, but then press into your RIGHT heel to come right back up. Repeat for 15 repetitions on with your RIGHT leg, then switch sides.

Split Squats on the Chair

One of the best booty moves ever! Start with your RIGHT foot in front of you, about 2 feet away from the chair. Then reach your LEFT leg back onto the chair. Bend both knees as if you were going into a lunge, keeping your weight in your front RIGHT leg. Use your booty and hamstrings to straighten your legs, then repeat for 15 repetitions on your RIGHT leg before switching to your LEFT leg.

Side Step Up + Leg Lift

Start standing sideways to the chair with your RIGHT foot on the chair. Press through the heel of the RIGHT foot on the chair to work your hamstrings and booty! As you step up, bring your LEFT leg straight out to the side as it comes off the ground to work your outer hips. Step your LEFT leg down to floor and repeat. Complete 15 repetitions and then switch sides.

Booty Bridge on the Chair

We’ve done this tons of time — and you know it’s a good one! This time, place your heels on top of a chair — this is going to give you more range of motion and make these harder than when your feet are on the floor! Keep your abs tight and then lift your hips off the ground, squeezing your booty at the top. Lower your hips back down, and repeat 15 times.

Find your PRINTABLE download HERE!

I promise you ladies will be feeling this for daysssss! It’s my new favorite workout and I hope it’s your’s too! 😉


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