Resistance Band Arms & Abs

This Resistance Band Ab + Arm Workout will tone your entire upper body and sculpt your midsection in no time. It’s quick and efficient, and a perfect at-home workout.

Resistance Band Arms + Abs Workout

Now you ladies know I love my resistance bands for a great at home workout…and who doesn’t love a great ab workout?

So, I wanted to give you a new abs AND ARMS workout using only the resistance bands. My Resistance Bands Ab Workout from last year is still one of the most popular workouts on the blog so I thought I would give you a new one to work with! 😉 

These exercises will work your abs AND your arms at the same time in every exercises. You will LOVE how your arms and abs feel after this amazing workout!

If you need a resistance band set, you can find a great set HERE. It’s a great set the includes 5 different resistance bands, handles, a door anchor, and ankle straps. It’s PERFECT to add to your mini home gym! 😉

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A Resistance Band Ab + Arms Workout that will tone your entire upper body in under 30 minutes

Resistance Band Arms + Abs Workout

  • Overhead Press & Side Bend – Start standing with the resistance band under the arches of your feet. Holding the handles, bring your RIGHT hand up to a cactus position. Press the arm up overhead, and lean to the LEFT as you squeeze through the LEFT side obliques. With control lower back to the starting position, and repeat. Complete all repetitions on the RIGHT side, then switch to the left.
  • Twist & Upright Row – Keeping the band under your feet, then cross the resistance band in front of you, making an “X” and hold onto the handles. As you row the RIGHT arm, pulling the hand up towards the shoulder, twist to the RIGHT, using the obliques. Make sure to keep the hips steady and pointing forward. Repeat for 15 repetitions and then switch sides.
  • Side Plank & Pull – Choke up on the resistance band, holding onto the tubing, and come down into a full plank on your mat. Position your weight in your LEFT side body as you pull the band out to the side and up to the sky, into a side plank position. Imagine you are doing rear shoulder flys with that band. Complete all repetitions, and then switch sides.
  • Roll Down & Wide Row – Sit on your mat and wrap the band around your feet one full loop around. Then, hold on to the tubing and roll about halfway down to the floor. Lengthen through your spine and pull your abs tight. Hold in that position, then pull and row the band back, keeping your elbows wide. Complete 15 repetitions,
  • Roll Up & Front Raise – Keep the band wrapped around your feet and lay all the way back to the ground. Hold onto the handles, then roll up to a seated position. Keep your arms straight and pull the band overhead, then roll all the way back down as you lower the arms straight down to your sides. Be sure to relax your shoulders and complete 10 repetitions.
  • Bicycles – Sit up tall then place your feet through the handles so that they lay over the arches of the feet. Roll slightly back onto your sacrum, and balance using those abs as you pull the legs up to a 45 degree angle. Bring the RIGHT knee in to the chest, and then bicycle the legs, focusing on the lower abs. Complete 20 repetitions total.
  • Scissors – Lay on your back, keeping your feet in the handles. Bring your legs straight up to the sky, then curl your head and shoulders off the ground, into an crunch. Lower the RIGHT leg down to hover above the ground then scissor the legs to bring the LEFT leg down. Continue scissoring the legs for 20 repetitions.

Find your FREE printable version HERE!

So, whats your favorite resistance band exercise?


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